10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

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Desktop blogging softwares are the perfect solution for bloggers who want to schedule their posts to be published sometime later.

Here are the 10 Best Desktop blogging softwares :

1. Windows Live Writer : This is my favorite desktop blogging sofware.You can use it for WordPress,blogger and Typepad.You have features like text editor,it has plugin through which you can add anything from your Facebook or add images from your flickr account.You can preview your blog before publishing it to see how it looks and can check spellings.

Windows Live Writer1 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

2.WB Editor : WB Editor is for Windows user.You can upload your images through this, has WYSIWYG Editing,edit your drafts offline,supports plugins.

WB Editor1 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

3. Drivel Journal Editor : Drivel Journal Editor is good for those who use Live Journals.It has features through which you can recover your blog posts in case of a crash and there are other features which makes it interesting.

Drivel blog editor 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

4. Ecto : Is desktop blogging software for Mac users.It works for blogging platforms such as blogger,wordpress, typepad and you can write and manage your weblog entry well.Has features such as spellcheck, creating links.The price of Ecto is $19.95 and they also offer volume discount.

ecto 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

5. Blogo :Blogo works well with blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Typo, Drupal.Has rich text editor and you can edit html.Blogo comes with a price of $25.

Blogo 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

6. BlogDesk : If you you blogger platform for blogging then BlogDesk is not for you.It has image wizard option through which you can insert and edit images as per your requirement.You can delete the posts which you have published from the server.Insert any link and edit it.Insert tags in your blog post with Tags generator.

blogdesk 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

7. BlogJet: BlogJet comes up with amazing features such as where you can add Flickr photos or You tube videos,integrate RSS feeds,write posts in any language such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese.It works on Interface such as Vista and Windows 7.For single use you get BlogJet for $39.95.

blogjet 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

8. Zoundry Raven : Is available for free download.Zoundry Raven can manage multiple blog,advanced WYSIWYG, provides Unicode (UTF-8) support and drag and drop from browser features.It is very easy to use.

Zoundry Raven 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

9. QTM : QTM supports WordPress, Drupal and other blogging platforms and is an open source blogging client.It is based on Qt graphical user interface toolkit and can compose, format and submit blog entries.

QTM 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

10. RocketPost : RocketPost has features like WYSIWYG editing,[ad#Infolinks] full local editing and full blog import.It is easy to use just as an email.For RocketPost you will have to spend $49.
RocketPost 10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

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19 comments on “10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares
  1. Karthikeyan says:

    I Use only Live Writer! now after changing to word press I am not using any softwares for writing any post :D
    Karthikeyan´s last blog post ..WordPress Plugin For Official Twitter Count Button

  2. Thanks. me currently using any of these. will check them
    Anish K.S @ Technics Today.com´s last blog post ..Acer &amp Reliance Communications join hands to promote Internet and PC Penetration in the country

  3. Viral says:

    Thats was a nice collection, bookmark it for further. Nice blog
    Viral´s last blog post ..Twitter Launched Share Button For Web Publisher

  4. zezebel says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Have been searching for some software like this. It certainly will help if my internet connection is down again. just type it and publish it later.
    zezebel´s last blog post ..Ikan Masin or Salted Fish

  5. Aswani says:

    Wow..great list. Well, I am yet to use any desktop blogging software but I will try using anyone from this list. Thanks so much for sharing. Keep writing :)
    Aswani´s last blog post ..Blogging Safely through Anonymous Blogging

  6. Jawahar says:

    Great listing. This is my first visit to your blog. Really nice to be here
    Jawahar´s last blog post ..Build your own Database applications and earn money

  7. Shekhar Sahu says:

    They seem to be awsome tools, But I like Notepad++, will share with friends. Thanks
    Shekhar Sahu´s last blog post ..Free Giveaway Tricolor Vector Icon Independence Day Special PSD

  8. lawmacs says:

    Brilliant collection Shabnam my favourite of them all is windows live writer
    lawmacs´s last blog post ..Is link Building Dead

  9. Excellent Post All Blogging are enrich with exciting features and so affordable with very reasonable price. :)
    seospidy@Seo Expert Delhi´s last blog post ..Search Engine Optimization SEO

  10. Siddharth says:

    i heard Windows live editor is best of these, yet i use just Notepad and the admin page.. just being simple ;)

  11. ShajjadBD says:

    I dont use any software to write post in offline.
    Always I keep a note book for my blogging with me.
    And when i get extra time in anywhere i take some notes somtimes complete whole writing and after take sit in my PC i just compose and review the post and published it …..

  12. Gojeg says:

    Yeah, all of tools you mentioned are good to help bloggers to post without admin page. But, some text formating are not working if I use a client tool. :(
    Gojeg´s last blog post ..How To – Convert Web Page HTML to PDF Online

  13. Hieu Martin@Blog Tips says:

    Thanks for introduce this list.
    I like to use rocker post
    Hieu Martin@Blog Tips´s last blog post ..5 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with StumbleUpon

  14. top news says:

    Great, now i can blog easily from my desktop
    top news´s last blog post ..Egg Recall List The Wright County Egg company

  15. Kent Beatty says:

    Thanks, great list of off-line desktop blog editors. I like Windows Live Writer, but have experienced problems with image uploads when publishing to my blog. Publishing of the post fails, then I have to go into WordPress and upload the image. Once that is done, I can publish the post from WLW. So I intend to give BlogDesk a try.
    Kent Beatty´s last blog post ..The Three Natural Laws of Social Media

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