10 Tips for Finding Similar Bloggers to Network With

One of the tips for making a blog popular is to network with other bloggers. Where do you find other people with similar interests? Here are ten tips for finding and networking with bloggers who have similar interests.

Bloggers Network 10 Tips for Finding Similar Bloggers to Network With
1. Use trackbacks

There are times that you need to take the conversation back to your own blog. Use trackbacks so you can quote from another blogger and add your own comments. This will also highlight the new post to your friend so that they can take a look at what you’ve said.

2. Technorati
Technorati is a blog aggregator. It looks at the tags of posts around the blogosphere and creates lists to make it easy to find the posts that you’re looking for. Read a few of the blogs to get ideas of who is posting items and events within your favorite categories. Get in contact with them and make a great first impression.

3. Give them a call

Everyone may be surrounded by the technological marvels of the internet, but it’s not the only way to communicate with fellow bloggers. Get yourself a Skype account and give out your number when typing everything becomes too much of a hassle. You can network and add that personal touch to your interactions.

4. My Blog Log

You can submit your own blog to be indexed at MyBlogLog and be grouped with people of similar interests. Read some of the other blogs that are there and comment intelligently and succinctly. From canning to retro gaming, there are blogs available to fit your needs.

5. Networking events

There are conventions for bloggers all around the country, complete with guests, music and panelists. This will enable you to find bloggers of all interests, including some with yours. This will give a face to the names and let you know that you’re not alone in the quest for the right words.

6. Blogrolls

You already have blogs that you go to on a regular basis. Usually there are other people’s blogs listed on the sidebars that you are encouraged to view. Check out some of the places that your friends are going to. Maybe you will find something of interest.

7. Comment on their blog

Comment on the blogs that you enjoy with intelligent, insightful content. You will find that others are commenting, and take a look at their blogs. The things that interest these people might also interest you, and you can network with them.

8.Blog catalog

There are many blog aggregators on the web, but this is the largest. You can search blogs by subject to find people who like the same things. Look for interesting things using their search bar, taking note of the blogs that you find in your area.

9. Email

Send a short email to the posters in your favorite blog. Offer insights or something that may interest them. Be polite when you write. Don’t sell your own blog. Tell the other authors how much you enjoy looking at their sites.

10. Make introductions

Being part of a community means that you need to make sure that everybody knows each other. With so many blogs out there, it is rare that you will know everyone else, and that introduction can provide useful connections that you never even dreamed of.

As with the real world, networking with other bloggers takes time and effort. Be persistent, and you will soon have a thriving, active network of your own.

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15 comments on “10 Tips for Finding Similar Bloggers to Network With
  1. Vivek Krishnan says:

    Cool post. Useful points to network with same niche bloggers.
    Vivek Krishnan´s last blog post ..15 Days Notice To Google- Skype and RIM Or Face Ban – Govt Of India

  2. Nicola says:

    Great post Shabnam as usual! That’s my current problem. I had not throught to use My Blog Log, yet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Satyajit says:

    nice tips……social networking can be a valid point….i feel…… :)
    happy bloggin….
    Satyajit´s last blog post ..Old Captcha vs New Captcha

  4. Aswani says:

    I think I have found many :P Honestly speaking, it is all about the networking. You really need to master it if you have any such long term plan to keep moving ahead in this blogosphere. These tips are really great. Must to be followed. Keep writing :)
    Aswani´s last blog post ..Top office wisdom quotes

  5. Nasir says:

    Networking building and maintaining both are essential for effective blogging activity and points you mention for networking with same niche blog are good to follow on.. thanks
    Nasir´s last blog post ..4GB Waterproof Sandal USB Drive for Women

  6. Shekhar Sahu says:

    I have been using technorati for more than a year.
    Shekhar Sahu´s last blog post ..For ICP License Google Stops Auto Redirect from Google China to HongKong

  7. Hami says:

    Hey james, nice post dude! and nice tips.. it will all surely get close networked blog community..
    Hami´s last blog post ..Top Commentators for June 2010

  8. Sourav says:

    I am using Twitter and the comments section of other blogs to find bloggers from my niche. The commentLuv feature further helps me out with this. Couldn’t give much time to MyBlogLog, so it didn’t work for me.
    Sourav´s last blog post ..13 Essential Plugins For a New WordPress Blog

  9. Karthikeyan says:

    Great Tips from James! i also prefer twitter and facebook for network building !
    Karthikeyan´s last blog post ..Google Buzz for Mobile

  10. lawmacs says:

    These are some good place to start when looking to find blogs with similar interest as yours the only trouble is trying to get around all these sites very useful tips shabnam
    lawmacs´s last blog post ..Links for 2010-05-27 delicious

  11. Thiru says:

    Its really helpful tips to find my niche people. Thnx for sharing.

  12. Ary says:

    I’ll use some of your advice, I was looking for tips on this matter. Though I don’t agree with Networking events, sadly there are no such things in my country.
    Ary´s last blog post ..Are you the color that will break the mood

  13. thanks for sharing very useful excellent ideas
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