5 Tips to increase RSS subscribers of your blog

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My blog is new and to be frank i don’t have much RSS subscribers count icon sad 5 Tips to increase RSS subscribers of your blog . I think it is the problem with most of the new blogs.

RSS is the best way of letting your readers know that you have updated your blog.More subscribers means more clicks on your blog so more traffic.

Few tips to increase your subscribers count are:

1. Post everyday : People add RSS subscription to blog because they have valuable info to provide.If you provide valuable content and is updated daily then readers will get something new every time they visit your blog.This is one of the important factor which you cannot neglect.

2. Make subscription easy : If readers visit your blog and they don’t find RSS buttons then you won’t get many subscribers. Place RSS button at the top of the page , you can also place it at the side bars which is also very common practice. Place your RSS subscription button at a prominent place .

3. Use Email subscription form: Email subscription is commonly used method by most of the bloggers.Email subscription box at the top of the page or right side bar is recommended to increase the subscribers count.

4. Use social bookmarking : You can bookmark your blog posts into social bookmarking sites like Facebook and can also submit your RSS feeds to directories.

5. Use Friendfeed : If you have a Friendfeed account then you can login into your Profile and click on add/edit services.
friendfeed add.edit  5 Tips to increase RSS subscribers of your blog

Under services, click on blog, add your blog URL and then click on import blog.Friendfeed will automatically pull your blog .

techiezlounge friendfeed importblog 5 Tips to increase RSS subscribers of your blog

This will help you to increase your subscribers.

If you have enjoyed reading my post then go ahead subscribe to Techiezlounge icon smile 5 Tips to increase RSS subscribers of your blog .

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28 comments on “5 Tips to increase RSS subscribers of your blog
  1. Shekhar Sahu says:

    I find some people having a lot of readers. Hey as u hv put footer at the end of post also helps much.
    .-= Shekhar Sahu´s last blog ..Win Sony Dash | A Sony Insider Global Contest =-.

    • Hami says:

      You are very right buddy. Each part of the theme works like asking for the attention. Now it depends upon you how you get hold of this opportunity.
      .-= Hami´s last blog ..How To Increase Your Blogging Efficiency =-.

  2. Manish Ahuja says:

    Also one idea which could really help is including a post trying to explain the concept of RSS to the readers of your blog who’re unaware and showing them how easy it is to subscribe to your blog/ website. Alternatively, you can also send all your contacts an email inviting them to subscribe to the RSS feed of your blog.

    Manish :)
    .-= Manish Ahuja´s last blog ..Advertisements – Pepsi FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa =-.

  3. More RSS Subscribers says:

    Yes Shabnam you are correct and all the above tips will help getting more rss subscribers, Friend feed is the best out of those all, coz you will get lots of subscribers from friend feed itself, rss button is the second option, if you add a rss button below your post it will also a good position to get more rss subscribers, email form is the last option because people scare to enter their email addresses at new places.

  4. I don’t care about RSS much, but your tips look goods; will try to implement it someday.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..4 working tool to check site is down for everyone or not =-.

  5. Aswani says:

    Well, nice tips. People will definitely subscribe to your blog if and only if you have something interesting and useful to share. Make sure your blog fulfills this requirement. Also, I agree … adding rss feed subscription button does help a lot. It should be placed at the right place so that it is easily visible to all your readers. Include a polite request to your readers to subscribe to the blog feed.
    .-= Aswani´s last blog ..Social Media Privacy – The known threats and the possible solution =-.

  6. khalid says:

    Nice points to increase RSSS Count, in fact i was not using friendfeed and now considering to use it.
    .-= khalid´s last blog ..Mandhana Industries IPO : Listing on 19th May 2010 =-.

  7. hacker9 says:

    nice points. i think Use of Email subscription form really does the magic.

  8. Nicola says:

    Thanks shabnam for the post! I also reccomend to create a free report for your readers. When I created mine I noticed an increase on my subscription rate.
    .-= Nicola´s last blog ..Top Online Content Distribution Strategies By Ross Dawson =-.

  9. Thanks for sharing I always wonder how people have lots of subscribers. Hope your tips works Shabby.
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..Selling Ads Space With AdvertiseSpace =-.

  10. karthikeyan says:

    Friend Feed in Really Good one for Increasing Subscribers!
    And u can also add Email Subscription below every post! This will also increase Subscribers !
    .-= karthikeyan´s last blog ..Skype For TV =-.

  11. John Tremain says:

    That’s why I use wordpress for most of my blogs. Most good themes integrate the rss feed button right at the top, so it makes it really easy for users.
    .-= John Tremain´s last blog ..“computer starts and shuts down faster” =-.

  12. ok magazine says:

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization): You can make your site rank for keyword phrases that people looking for your type of site will be searching for. This is more of a strategic, long-term approach. In general, it will take months, if not a year or more to rank well for even moderately competitive search phrases.

  13. Harsh Athalye says:

    You are very right about placing RSS subscription button at prominent part. Apart from side bar, you can put it in header along side logo or even, at the top of post below post title. Nice tips!
    .-= Harsh Athalye´s last blog ..Novice Blogger Vs Seasoned Blogger =-.

  14. lawmacs says:

    Five good tips Shabnam and yes you are right having a new blog is always at disadvantage to get new subscribers however with time you will continue to build authority and the subscribers with come on board.

  15. Tanmay says:

    Nice tips. I’m also suffering such problem. Please subscribe my RSS feed

  16. Shravan says:

    I have good rss layout and email subscription form. Though, I can not get my Rss subscribers more
    .-= Shravan´s last blog ..Janet Jackson New Short Cropped Hair Cut =-.

  17. Hariharakumar says:

    I think frequency of posts and the content of the post is vital for any blog to have decent number of subscribers.
    .-= Hariharakumar´s last blog ..How to Use Encrypted Google Search from your Web Browser =-.

  18. Gojeg says:

    Nice list buddy, that’s the basic knowledge for those who want to get more subscribers. I think, no.1 is the key. :D
    .-= Gojeg´s last blog ..How To : Add Follow Me on Twitter Button to Website/Blog =-.

  19. TechChunks says:

    “Call to Action” [asking them to subscribe] can also be a good thing to start with!
    .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..Internet Explorer: The Best and Most Useful Browser Ever =-.

  20. local seo services says:

    This is an excellent article, I will be adding this site to my blogroll :D

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