5 Tips to increase RSS subscribers of your blog

My blog is new and to be frank i don’t have much RSS subscribers count 🙁 . I think it is the problem with most of the new blogs.

RSS is the best way of letting your readers know that you have updated your blog.More subscribers means more clicks on your blog so more traffic.

Few tips to increase your subscribers count are:

1. Post everyday : People add RSS subscription to blog because they have valuable info to provide.If you provide valuable content and is updated daily then readers will get something new every time they visit your blog.This is one of the important factor which you cannot neglect.

2. Make subscription easy : If readers visit your blog and they don’t find RSS buttons then you won’t get many subscribers. Place RSS button at the top of the page , you can also place it at the side bars which is also very common practice. Place your RSS subscription button at a prominent place .

3. Use Email subscription form: Email subscription is commonly used method by most of the bloggers.Email subscription box at the top of the page or right side bar is recommended to increase the subscribers count.

4. Use social bookmarking : You can bookmark your blog posts into social bookmarking sites like Facebook and can also submit your RSS feeds to directories.

5. Use Friendfeed : If you have a Friendfeed account then you can login into your Profile and click on add/edit services.

Under services, click on blog, add your blog URL and then click on import blog.Friendfeed will automatically pull your blog .

This will help you to increase your subscribers.

If you have enjoyed reading my post then go ahead subscribe to Techiezlounge 🙂 .


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