6 Best iTunes Add ons

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iTunes is one of the most popular media player and use of iTunes add-ons enhances your iTunes experience.

iTunes add-ons for your iTunes

1. iTune sync:iTunes syn is a free add-on available only for Windows platform.It lets you synchronize any iTunes playlist with any MP3 player and is compatible with iTunes 7 or higher.iTunes sync is also available in other languages apart from English.

iTunes sync 6 Best iTunes Add ons

2. iTunes Export:iTunes Export is an open source which lets you to export your iTunes library to other devices.It comes in two version Graphical User Interface and Command Line Version.Both of these versions support Windows and Mac OS X.iTunes Export is available in English and French.

itunesexport 6 Best iTunes Add ons

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3. iTunes Monitor:iTunes Monitor is for Mac users and displays information (hostname and status) for computers connecting to your shared iTunes 4 Music library.The new version has support for multiple music folders, fixed memory leaks, improved responsiveness,and fix for Panther.

iTunes monitor 6 Best iTunes Add ons

4. FoxyTunes: With FoxyTunes you can listen to Music while surfing the Web.It lets you to control almost any media player directly from the browser toolbar.

FoxyTunes1 6 Best iTunes Add ons

5. nuTise:Nutsie is like a “personalized” interner radio.It takes all the song titles and artist info from your iTunes library and matches that to music on Nutsie server and lets you to listen to it anywhere.

Nutsie 300x113 6 Best iTunes Add ons

6. iTunes Library Updater: iTunes Library Updater is a free utility which lets users to add,remove and change their iTunes library.It can also sync data between iTunes and your music folder and also updates your iPod.

iTunes Updater 300x156 6 Best iTunes Add ons

Are you aware of other iTunes add-ons ? Have your say!

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3 comments on “6 Best iTunes Add ons
  1. lawmacs says:

    Great list i never heard about Nutsie before so thank you very much for bringing this to my attention
    lawmacs´s last blog post ..Guest Post Think Before you Write

  2. Dave says:

    I use iHomeServer which runs iTunes as a service and automatically keeps iTunes synchronised with all my media folders. It auto detects metadata updates and cleans out dead tracks. You can download it from http://www.bizmodeller.com/products.aspx

  3. Tony says:

    I have used databases in work for over 20 years. iTunes is certainly a database but parts of it seem right out of the stone age. I would love to make a playlist of all my classic rock songs that I have given 3 stars or more to that I have not played in a year or I might want to listen to any song that I have not listened to in 5 years and then have the ability to hide them but not remove them from the library. Are there any add-ons that could do this?

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