Bomgar – Remote Support For IT

Bomgar is a remote access software company which was started in 2003 by Joel Bomgar with an aim to provide remote technical support to users without leaving their desk.

Bomgar is said to be the only remote support software which has passed the Symantec Product Penetration Security Test.

It has support for Windows and also Windows Mobile,Mac,Linux, BlackBerry,iPhone/iPad and now also Android.Bomgar enables technicians to gain access to any computer at any point of time in a matter of just few seconds.

Why you should opt for Bomgar?

Use of this remote desktop access software increases productivity and efficiency of employees as they can reply to the queries of customers fast and meeting clients face-to-face is not required.Since, technicians can remote control computers of clients they will be able to solve the issues more efficiently with the help of Phone even outside their geographical area.The software provides technicians with flexibility of working hours as they can also work from their home.

The software has more than 5000 happy IT clients who boasts of increase in productivity of their staffs,reduction in IT support costs along with satisfied customers.

It has excellent online chat support system for the users.Jump Technology enables a support representative to connect to any unattended system anywhere.

The remote access software has support for languages such as French,Italian,German and Japanese along with English.

Users can opt for a 20 minutes demo video at any time to find how the software can help them to improve overall efficiency and productivity of their employees along with satisfied customers.A free trial is also available for the potential users.

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