27 Creative Billboard Ads

Billboard advertisements should be catchy, innovative and creative to grab the attention of the drivers driving by at first look. Here, are some of the best examples creative billboard ads from around the world.

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Creative Billboard Ads

1. Koleston Naturals: Change


A brilliant ad of hair colorant Koleston Naturals which shows a woman’s hair die-cut in the billboard to capture the variations of Koleston naturals’ colors through the different phases of the day and night.

2. Oltimer Restaurants: Tunnel


An appealing billboard ad of :Oldtimer”, a big Austrian chain for motorway rest stops.

3. Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain

Amazing ad by David & Goliath for California ski destination which targets the sports enthusiasts.

4. Quitplan: Big Butt


A creative ad reminding that QUITPLAN.com is there to help the smokers to quit smoking when they are ready to quit.

5. Nationwide Insurance – USA

nationwide insurance

Brilliant billboard ad which says ‘ Life Comes At You Fast’. They are definitely not advertising Paint.

6. The Economist


A clever ad suggesting reading “The Economist” will expose you to great ideas.

7. Jobsintown.de: Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job

Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job

The ad showcasing the idea of the jobless or those who are doing job which is not related to them.

8. Kill Bill 2


9. Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo


Billboard ad of Pantene Shampoo by Grey Canada.

10. Vodafone : Make The Most Of Now


Vodafone billboard advert by BBH London.

11. Penline Stationary: Strong Tape

Penline Stationary Strong Tape

The tape is too sticky, can even tape a billboard.

12. iPod and iTunes

iPod and iTunes

Eye catching advertising compaign by Apple which shows the products which can be purchased and enjoyed via iPod and iTunes.

13. CNN: Stories With the Full Background


The ad says it all. Clever advertising compaign of CNN by DDB&CO., Istanbul, Turkey.

14. BBC World


BBC World ad by BBDO New York, US. A clever use of cornered billboard ad.

15. Red Cross: Optical Illusion Billboard

Red Cross Optical Illusion Billboard

Raising awareness about Red Cross.

16. Anando Milk: Building

Anando Milk Building billboard

One of the creative ad for Anando Milk which depicts that kids can have superpowers if they drink Anando Milk.

17. Bergey: Sky

Bergey sky billboard

The ad cleverly showing that Berger Paint can provide perfect match of sky color.

18. Martor: Razor Blade

Martor  Razor Blade billboard

Amazingly innovative which shows that a sharp razor blade can cut down pigeons.

19. Discovery Channel: Shark


Discovery Channel turned their office building of Maryland into a giant shark to celebrate Shark week in 2010.

20. Formula Toothcare: Bite

Formula Toothcare  Bite

With Formula Toothcare you can bite metal. A toothpaste ad for making strong teeth.

21. Elm Grove Police Department

Elm Grove Police Department billboard

Reminding people to drive slowly and avoid accident.

22. Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision


Tailgating isn’t worth it, the ad shows it all.

23. Nike – Toronto, Canada

Nike Toronto Canada billboard

The ad says “Ready for your :45?” 45 seconds is the average time a hockey player spends on the ice per shift.

24. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises billboard

Designed by OMG for the release of The Dark Knight Rises for the Los Angeles market in 2012. No need to mention the name of the movie, the ad says all.

25. Siemens Mixer


Creative billboard ad of Siemens Mixer.

26. Woodland: Climbing Shoes


A creative ad for Woodland Shoes with tag line, ” Climbing Shoes”!

27. Max Factor



Billboard ad which will change when it rains giving the effect that Mascara is leaking. Superb!

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