Cydia Updated for iOS 7, Download Now

Cydia has been updated to Cydia 1.1.9 for iOS 7. Cydia 1.1.9 sports a brand new design. Saurik had to update Cydia due to Evasion iOS 7 Untethered jailbreak which was was released during Christmas.

As per Saurik,

“Due to evasi0n 7 having been released with an unofficial build of “Cydia”, I had to upgrade Cydia via a package. This is more complex, as packages I release in my repository have to work for all users, not just those on the latest firmware. I have managed to get Cydia 1.1.9 working on iOS 2-7.”


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Download Cydia iOS 7

If you want to update Cydia to the latest version then go to your iOS device and then launch Cydia where there will be a prompt to go for “Essential upgrade” >> Confirm on “Essential Upgrade”>>. The new Cydia version is in the form of two package updates labeled, “Cydia Installer” and “UIKit Tools. When update is finished close Cydia and then restart Cydia and you will find Cydia 1.1.9 running on your jailbroken device.

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