Fix iOS Devices Bricked After iTunes Update (How To)

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What is bricking of of idevice – The term bricking of idevice is used when you upgrade your idevice to the latest firmware through the iTunes which goes fine but unfortunately your idevice is not activated.

Many iOS devices got bricked after updating to iOS 4.3.3 using iTunes and users have reported in Apple discussion thread.

There were problems with Apple’s activation server which lead to many idevices getting bricked.

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If your idevice has got bricked then just follow the method below:

After holding down the on/off button and home button at the same time the phone turned off. I then held down the home button while plugging into Itunes. The phone prompted me to reset the phone which I did. Luckily I had backed up prior to trying to update. Now I have the 4.3.3 update and the phone is working. Whew!

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