Fix New iPad/iPad 3 Wi-Fi Reception Issues

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Fix New iPad/iPad 3 Wi Fi Reception Issues

Few users in Apple’s discussion board are reporting New iPad Wi-Fi reception issues.

If you are among those facing New iPad/iPad 3 Wi-Fi reception issues then follow the below mentioned steps to fix it.

Fix New iPad/iPad 3 Wi-Fi reception issues

1st Method- Go to Settings of your iPad tap ‘General’ then tap ‘Network’ and then ‘Wi-Fi’. Find the Wi-Fi network which you are connected, and then tap on the blue arrow and then tap on ‘Forget this Network’.

2nd Method- Go to Settings >> select Reset>> Reset Network Settings

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Hopefully, following the above mentioned methods will resolve New iPad/iPad 3 Wi-Fi reception issues, if not then better contact Apple Care.


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One comment on “Fix New iPad/iPad 3 Wi-Fi Reception Issues
  1. Parker says:

    Nice advice, but sadly this didn’t solve my issue with the poor wifi range on the new iPad (3). I’ve searched for a solution to this situation, A LOT. Then, with all hope lost, I came across Pong Research cases. This guys make a very special case which has a built-in antennae that redirects signals and boost the wifi range of your new iPad, iPhone and other devices. As a result, I’m able to connect to my router without a problem at all.

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