Glowing Apple Logo Of Macbook To iPhone

We all are anxiously waiting for iPhone 5 launch which will be most probably launched in second week of October.

It is being expected that iPhone 5 will come with new features and software.

No doubt that iPhone 4 has a nice sleek design but have you noticed a glowing Apple logo in Macbook when it is opened and you wish the same for your iPhone 4. A UK based company founded in 2007 iPatch, which does repair and servicing of idevices is going to launch a custom modification which will bring glowing Apple logo in iPhone.Interesting 🙂

The company is yet to launch the custom modification or mod but have released teaser pictures.It shows glowing Apple logo in iPhone at the back at the same time as the front screen.

Glowing Apple Logo for iPhone 4 (Pics)

iPatch guys are currently performing tests on mod and the results are suprisingly amazing.The folks discovered no any noticeable drop in battery performance,it illuminate swhen you receive a text or call, or when your alarm sounds and it also does not cause any heating issue or does not adds an extra layer of thickness to iPhone 4.The camera function is unaffected either with or without flash.

The mod comes in black and white color for iPhone 4 and users can also opt for custom colors.

The glowing Apple mod comes with a warranty of 90 days and the process is reversible and it will be priced between £50 – £100.International users can also opt for this service however, they will have to pay additional shipping charges.

Glowing Apple mod will be made available for purchase before mid October,just the time for the release of iPhone 5,any takers !


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