How to get comments on your new blog

Your first post on your new blog and you find that there are no comments . It is really frustrating and i think we all go through this in our initial stage of blogging.When i started this new blog i was also a bit apprehensive about getting comments on my blog .

No one is visiting your blog and hence no comments , how to solve this problem?

For a new blog when a visitor visits it he/she will take a look at your comment section to judge your blog’s credibility which is a very natural instinct. If you have Zero comment in your blog then it is very likely that they will leave your blog.

Here are some ways to get comments for your new blog :

1. Offline sources : If you have a good social circle and supporting family then you can ask them to visit your blog and post a meaningful comment on your new post.

2. Blog commenting : Commenting on other blogs can bring in new visitors. If you leave quality comments, blog owners will visit your blog and comment. You should try to visit 10 to 15 blogs everyday and try to add meaningful comments.

3. Social networking: Make some friends in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and ask them to retweet your posts or share them . If you follow this you can easily increase traffic to your new blog.

4. Participating in forums : Forums like Digital point can bring you good amount of traffic .You need spend some time in the forum regularly by participating in the discussions and add link to your blog in your signature.

5. Write killer articles : You need to write unique contents otherwise all the above methods won’t work as “CONTENT IS KING”.

What strategies you have used to get comments on your new blog? Do share your views .

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  1. Mani Viswanathan

    These r nyc tips, will be useful for my new blog :)
    .-= Mani Viswanathan´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  2. Sunil Jain

    I would like to add some more :D
    You can also get more comments by asking a simple question at the last paragraph of the post :) :)
    .-= Sunil Jain´s last blog ..10 Best Free Twitter Signature Generators =-.

  3. M Furqan Aslam

    Nice tips for beginner. should work for me too. :)
    .-= M Furqan Aslam´s last blog ..Choosing A Domain Name =-.

  4. Arafat Hossain Piyada

    I really love No. 2 because everyday I visit almost 100+ blogs and if I find something interesting I always love to drop a comment. Good work Shabnam.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Will you pay to watch Youtube video? You should soon =-.

  5. Shekhar Sahu

    In my first few months of blogging i was unaware of them. If one comments on other, he can get comments from the first post!
    nice post

  6. Latief@AnotherBlogger

    Commenting is always great to get more comment and traffic. Thanks for sharing Sister.
    .-= Latief@AnotherBlogger´s last blog ..5 Tips For Writing Article For SEO =-.

  7. Karthikeyan

    Nice Tips! I Am getting Better Comments By Commenting on Others blog and Through Social Network!
    .-= Karthikeyan´s last blog ..My First Post in WordPress =-.

  8. khalid

    Nice tips but very difficult too as it require a consistent work.
    .-= khalid´s last blog ..Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam IPO : Finally subscribed 6.64 times =-.

  9. abhi

    Here is my comment. Good tip :)

  10. TechChunks

    Intelligent commenting, unique quality content and some Search Engine traffic — all can help a great deal in getting yo some comments for your blog.

    However, I noticed that the “k” in “CONTENT IS kING” above was small. Was it accidental or intentional? ;)
    .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..Top 5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Headlines =-.

  11. Aswani

    Here I will repeat some of my own comments which I had posted on one of the discussions started at It was also related to the same thing – how to get comments on one’s blog. Here it goes..

    The thing you have to learn is to learn the art of networking in this blogosphere. And one of the best ways to do it is to visit other blogs and take out some of your time in leaving a comment. And you should make it a habit. One thing, I don’t understand people saying – I don’t get any comments? You will. You need to learn to comment first before expecting comments. There is nothing wrong with it. Also, you need to follow some basic rules that will surely make people leave their comments-

    1 – Your article should be compelling enough for others to leave their comments. End up your article with a question for your readers.

    2 – Make sure that your commenting box or commenting link is easily visible to your readers.

    3 – Avoid using image verification or anything like it. Make it as easy as possible for others to comment.

    4 – Take out some of your time to visit related blogs or related posts and do leave your comments there. Also, include a polite request to make them visit your blog.

    5 – Avoid cluttering your blogs with too many ads. Make your design look neat and clean. Design also makes a difference, to me at least.

    Follow some of these tips and I am sure you will see the difference very soon.
    .-= Aswani´s last blog ..Style Blogging – One of the secrets of successful blogging =-.

  12. P.K.ARUN

    Nice post.. Commenting on other blog can defiantly increase comment counts and using some plugins like comment love also increases comments.
    .-= P.K.ARUN´s last blog ..2 best contact form you need to try! =-.

  13. Shanker Bakshi

    Your First post on your blog can get more then hundred comments ( HOW), before writing your first post on your blog make sure you have activated AKISMAT anti spam comment plugin :-)

    Good Post, noted couple of point here.
    .-= Shanker Bakshi´s last blog ..Desktop Will Now be Known as BumpTop =-.

  14. hacker9

    really nice post,.and will implement those points.
    .-= hacker9´s last blog to be safe at Cyber Cafes? =-.

    • shabnam sultan

      Hey Ashwin unable to comment on your blog there seem to be some error in comment box.You need to rectify it.

      • hacker9

        yeah its happening only in IE. on firfox its working,.. thanks for letting me know this. i will rectify it soon.
        .-= hacker9´s last blog to be safe at Cyber Cafes? =-.

  15. Jai Prakash

    Exactly Only leave comment is not good .Should be leave a quality comment which convey good message for others……
    .-= Jai Prakash´s last blog ..Setup your blog post interval in a week =-.

  16. lawmacs

    building frienship and writing guest post are two of the method i used to help with generating traffic to my website using forums and social networking sites are too good traffic methods nice write up Shabnam.
    .-= lawmacs´s last blog ..Blogging Tips – How to manage negative comments on your blog =-.

  17. Jack

    Hi Shabnam
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.It is very informative and it really tells your experience.You have done a great work.It is very useful for the beginners and learners.Keep it up and all the very best for your future.

  18. mohamed fareed

    you are absolutely correct shabnam great points you did in this post great post
    .-= mohamed fareed´s last blog ..Latest Yahoo Search Auctions =-.

  19. Zubair

    This is cool. You have portrayed many around must have been wondering how for a long time.. Cheers!!!

  20. Amanda T.

    You are so right! Your article was very helpful and most importantly: true. In fact, I can attribute my ability to write this comment to the fact that you had left me a comment which had a link to your site. Great post!

    • shabnam sultan

      Good to know Amanda that you found my article to be helpful :) thanks.

  21. Satyajit

    very well analyzed……..wll really hlp noobs….i feel social netwrkin is the mst important factor…..
    Satyajit´s last blog post ..Phishingusing Fake login page

  22. Jasir Javaz

    Nice Article @Shabnam .. @Aswani really made a cool comment

  23. Rose

    I am a new blogger of about a month ago and I was so disappointed that until I don’t see comments in my comment section despite of the more than a dozen posts. But it’s ok coz I know I am still in the process of learning and I am considering my blog as a training ground. After learning the pros and cons, I may decide to set up my own domain to do full time. Thank you for this very informative content. Can I invite you to my blog and have a look around? After which, can you leave a suggestion through the comment section. Thank you and long live.
    Rose´s last blog post ..Making Money Online Through Pay Per Click Ads

  24. blogsew

    Great post thanks for sharing.

  25. blogsew

    Unique content can also help you to get more comments……like here you have got :)
    blogsew´s last blog post ..How To Buy a Business – Buying a Business Checklist

  26. Lindsey

    Thanks for the tips! I have been blogging off and on for the past two months and although I get a few comments here and there, not as many as I would like. Hope this helps! I’ve got some work to do! Thanks!
    Lindsey´s last blog post ..Playdough and Grape Jelly

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