How to overcome fear of writing a blog post

Is fear holding you to get success in your blogging aspirations …….

Quite often my friends who want to have a passive income by blogging ask me about the benefits of blogging.I explain to them about the blogging platforms and other steps required to start a blog.

But then when its the time to write their first blog post the fingers start shaking and they go blank.

Well i think we all undergo this fear at certain time of our blogging career.I also faced some initial hiccups when i started writing for a diabetes blog as it is not my niche but that soon faded as i continued writing.

Now back to our topic ……. how to control your fear ?

Pen down your goals – It is better that you get imaginative ( if you are not ) as being imaginative encourages you write better and you are able to get the best out of you which will help you in writing effective posts.

Never under estimate yourself- Don’t get nervous think that you are the BEST.If you start trusting yourself then you are bound to give your best shot. Remember one thing your intuitions will be always better than others as you know your business well.

Plan your content – Start brainstorming yourself for ideas.If you are writing about making money from your blog then write about the various money making strategies stating with benefits,facts and figures.It is always advisable to include your own tips along with the facts.In short do try to give a personal touch.

Invite guest writers – You can always invite others to write for your blog choose the writers effectively, who know their business well.Your readers will appreciate as they will get varieties.

Write anything but do write – If you are running short of ideas or simply feel blank then write anything whatever going on your mind.Just let the ideas go flowing.You can also upload a pic or a video which is worth sharing with your readers.

Out source your work- If you feel that you will be unable to do the work yourself then it is best to hire services of others to your work who are the best in their field. But you need to know one thing that you need to know the work which you are outsourcing as it will then only bring the desired results.

Fear has no evidence its just your imagination!

Do share your ideas to overcome the fear of writing a blog post !


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