How To Reinstall Cydia

If you want to reinstall Cydia to your iPhone,iPod,iPad or iPod Touch then you don’t require to jailbreak your device again.

Cydia is being developed by Jay Freeman aka Saurik and is similar to App Store where you can download tons of apps for your idevice either for free or by paying a small sum.Installing Cydia requires a jailbroken device.

Cydia How To Reinstall Cydia

Steps to follow to reinstall Cydia without re-jailbreaking iPhone

1. Download Cydia .deb file from here.

2. Use CyberDuck(Mac) or WinSCP(Windows) to SSH into your iPhone and place the Cydia.deb into ROOT folder.

3. After placing the .deb into the ROOT, type the following commands to reinstall Cydia-

dpkg -i /Cydia.deb

killall -HUP SpringBoard

You have now successfully reinstalled Cydia on your iPhone,iPad oriPod Touch.

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  1. CPR training

    thanks for this….ive been pulling my hair out as how to reinstall Cydia, youve made it really simple and easy to follow too

  2. @uchidakoichi

    You can do this within iDivice without PC if you installed mobile terminal :)

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