How to stay motivated while blogging

One of my blogger friend said me few days back- How much motivated you are to blog? I hope you won’t give up blogging ……

Most of the bloggers launch new blogs very enthusiatically but soon that enthusiasm starts fading.The possible reasons could be low RSS subscribers or not getting comments on your new blog.

I have earlier written posts on tips to increase your RSS subscribers and how to get comments on your new blog which you can go through.

You write few posts then leave it.You are just not motivated to blog – this happens with most of us but we need to address this issue. Don’t let yourself get demotivated.

Here are few ways to get your motivation back:

1.Increase your skills : You need to work on your skills and increase your capability to work. Get passionate about your blog and never limit yourself.You will find your motivation back.

2.Set your own deadlines:If you want to succeed then you need to set your own deadlines to complete your blog posts and you need to work towards it and succeed at whatever it takes.

3.Write interesting things: Many a times we lack motivation because we are writing something which is of no interest to us and hence readers also find it boring.Try to grab your readers attention by writing posts by keeping them in your mind.Make your posts interesting by adding relevant images.

How do you stay yourself motivated while blogging? Do share.


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