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iBooks Author FAQ is being released.We are aware that Apple released iBooks Author for Mac to create to create iBooks for iPad in Media Event.

iBooks Author enables authors to create interactive iBooks using templates designed by Apple, add your own text by drag and drop, add photo galleries, movies, Keynote presentations, 3D objects using Multi-Touch widgets and submit your work to iBookstore.

Apple has posted iBooks Author FAQ for providing information related to distribution and selling of books which you have created with iBooks Author.

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iBooks Author FAQ

How can I distribute my work?

You can publish your book to the iTunes Bookstore; you must choose to sell your book or offer it as a free download. You can also export your book from iBooks Author as a PDF, text, or iBooks document for you to distribute outside the iBookstore.

How do I publish my book on iTunes U?

To publish your book on iTunes U, you must have an iTunes U site. If you do not already have an iTunes U site, you can apply for one.

How do I publish my book on the iBookstore?

You can sign up to publish your books directly using iTunes Connect. To sign up to sell your books on the iBookstore, complete the application and download iTunes Producer. Books can also be made available for free on the iBookstore.

I’m an educator. Is course material I create and provide to my students as part of a tuition-based course considered a work I’m selling?

No. Educators may include materials they’ve created with iBooks Author as part of a tuition-based course.

I’m an educational institution. Are course materials that I may provide to students as part of a tuition fee considered a work I’m selling?

No. Educational institutions may include materials they’ve created with iBooks Author as part of a tuition-based fee or course.

I’m an author (or publisher). Can I distribute this work on my own website?

You may distribute books created in iBooks Author free of charge on your own website. If you wish to sell your book, you must do so through the iBookstore.

Can I distribute works created with iBooks Author as part of a product or service that charges a subscription-based fee?

Books created with iBooks Author may not be sold as part of a subscription-based product or service. iBooks Author books must be distributed free of charge or made available for sale via the iBookstore.

If you are an author then go through iBooks Author FAQ and download iBooks 2 to preview and iTunes 10.5.3 to sync your books.


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