Impact Of Facebook Addiction On Teens

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Facebook is the largest social networking site with active users more than 500 millions.Most of us log in to our Facebook Account atleast once in a day.

Recently a study was conducted by Dr. Larry Rosen who is a professor of psychology at California State University regarding impact of Facebook on teens.The study is based on computer-based survey where response was collected from 1000 teens from urban area.

facebook Impact Of Facebook Addiction On Teens

Rosen presented his studies at 119th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, titled Poke Me: How Social Networks Can Both Help and Harm Our Kids.

The negative findings of his study includes that teenagers who frequently used Facebook showed a tendency of developing narcissism, other psychological disorders which includes anti social behavior and they also show tendency aggression.It also showed negative impact on their over all health.Study also revealed that teens who checked Facebook once during a 15-minute study period got lower grades.

Whereas the positive impact of Facebook on teens includes showing of virtual empathy to online friends, Facebook can help to increase social interaction among introvert teens and it can also be a powerful tool for teachers to interact with teenagers.

Rosen advises parents to communicate with their kids and to listen to them and regulate their online activities.He says that parents should not restrict kids from using social networking sites.

Facebook has also released Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and Android.We need to learn to manage our time well on social networking sites like Facebook so that it does not hampers our productivity.

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4 comments on “Impact Of Facebook Addiction On Teens
  1. Farhan@ Laguna Niguel Personal Injury Lawyer says:

    Overuse of media and technology has also been linked with higher incidence of anxiety, depression and other future health problems among adolescents.

  2. ramaraobobby says:

    well said shabbu, we need to manage time well and mostly in service of our goals on social networking sites like Facebook and also on the recently launched, much touted and speculated Google Plus. Spending a lot of time online/alone makes most of us to impulsively connect to people on social networking sites or do online communication mainly to serve the purpose of socialization that we feel missing somehow. Using it in limit is okay but exceeding the limits and spending whole of the time off-work on social sites can stunt human social development and real-life communications. Use it or you’ll lose it, but use it wisely, that’s what has to be learned. Any productivity tips from your side, on how you’re able to manage your time on Facebook are very welcome and appreciated.

  3. As teens become more and more addicted to texting, social networking etc … you’re finding their real social interaction is gone.

    Not sure if it’s the advancement of technology or the dissolution of parenting.

  4. Jaibee says:

    The same condition is here in India also. People should care when their children works on computers and parents should set a time limit for the use of Facebook..
    Jaibee´s last blog post ..New Scribus version released

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