iOS 5 Slideshow Presentation (Concept)

Apple is going to preview iOS 5 in WWDC 2011.

The features to be introduced to be announced at iOS 5 are not official yet.However,it is being expected that iOS 5 will bring revamped push notification system.

Earlier there were reports that iOS 5 will get Lion Style Dashboard Notification System.

Now,there is a new Slideshow style iOS 5 concept.

The Slideshow presents all the features expected of iOS 5.There are 97 slides to watch for.

iOS 5 slideshow concept iOS 5 Slideshow Presentation (Concept)

View the Slideshow presentation concept of iOS 5

Slideshow presentation concept of iOS 5


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  1. There are many words out there about iPhone5 and I just expect that the handset bring lots of improvements over its predecessor.. can’t wait for the device release.┬┤s last blog post ..Motorola Droid 3 VS MyTouch Slide 4G – HTC Doubleshot Review- Specs Comparison

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