iOS 6 To Feature New Maps App With 3D View – Reports

According to the reports from 9to5Mac iOS 6 will come with Apple’s own Maps software and not of Google.The Maps will have 3D views and will make a debut in WWDC 2012 next month.

Apple has acquired Map software companies like C3 Technologies, Placebase and Poly9 which will be used to power Maps in the new version of iOS.The new Maps will be having a new logo, will be faster, smoother and more reliable. C3 technologies has shown some amazing examples of how their 3D maps will look like and function. The report also says that there would be a new 3D Mode in the Maps application, which will provide realistic 3D models of locations.

C3 Technologies had earlier demoed their technology on Android and iOS devices at CES 2011.

There are also reports from AllThingsD that will be using its own Mapping in iOS 6.

Sources tell 9to5Mac that Apple will abandon Google’s mapping backend in the next major iteration of iOS, replacing it with a brand new mapping application powered by Apple technology. We’ve independently confirmed that this is indeed the case. Sources describe the new Maps app as a forthcoming tent-pole feature of iOS that will, in the words of one, “blow your head off.”


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