iPhone 5 Release Date – In Summer 2012?

iPhone 5 release date was expected in year 2011 however to our disappointment Apple released iPhone 4S instead which is identical to iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S has been a hit among users, has personal Voice-Assistant Siri and broke a record pre-order of one million units in the first week.

It is being expected that iPhone 5 will be “re-designed” will have a large 4-inch screen as compared to 3.5 inch of iPhone 4S, will be slimmer, will have quad-core processor, Aluminium metallic casing, will be with better and improved Siri,A 5 or A6 processor and will sport 4G LTE,a new software may be iOS 6.Reports also suggest that Apple may use a rubber or plastic material which is used in bumper cases which is expected to resolve the Antenngate issue.

We are aware with problems associated with poor battery life of new iPhone 4S and Apple needs to fix this before the launch of the next generation iPhone which is iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is expected to be a major hit as it was the last project on which Steve Jobs was intimately involved with, right from concept to final design stage as revealed by CNET and hence will have a “cult classic” status because of his involvement.

4 inch screen iPhone 5 will compete with that of Androids.Reports suggest that Steve Jobs didn’t approve 4 inch model of iPhone 5 and hence blocked its release.However, reports from Japanese site Macotakara reveals that Hitachi and Sony are have shipped prototypes of the next gen iPhone sporting a 4 -inch screen to Apple.

4G requires a high powered Radio which drains battery fast and no way it could have been used in iPhone 4S.It is expected that iPad 3 and also iPhone 5 will have 4G LTE.

iPhone 5 release date

There are reports that iPhone 5 might debut in WWDC 2012 in June whereas some reports suggest that iPhone 5 release date will be as early as March.It can also be released in Spring time as iPads are released every year in March and since iPhone 4S was released in last year October it will have full 6 months of sale. iPhone 5 release date can be 5th October,2011 which is exactly one year after the release of iPhone 4S, why not!

Will keep you updated more on iPhone 5 release date!

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