Joypad Enables iOS Gaming On Apple TV (Video)

Apple’s iPhone is among the most desired gadget for most.There are hundreds of apps for gamers which have changed the gaming world.

If you are among those who enjoy playing iOS games then you will for sure like to try Joypad .

How does Joypad works:

Joypad is available for a free download from Apple’s App Store which can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into controller for your iPad game and with AirPlay it can be wirelessly streamed to your Apple TV.It has support for Mac and PC both.

Joypad can be customized and has support for multiplayer.

The developers have released Joypad SDK for game developers with added support for iPad and desktop games.

We have also seen earlier about AirPlay Gaming on iPad 2 with iOS 5.

It will be fun to play iOS games on HDTV but you will need iPhone and iPad.Joypad requires iOS 4 or higher.

Watch Joypad in action:

Download Joypad for iOS

Download Joypad for iOS

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