Microsoft Releases iOS SDK For Bing Maps

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Microsoft has announced the release of Bing Maps iOS SDK, with this SDK the iOS developers will be able to develop applications for iPhone and iPad within X -code.

To make apps creation easier and fast for iPhone Microsoft has also released documentation and several sample projects.

The new Bing iOS SDK will let iPhone developers to use Bing’s maps features like local search listings,directions and routing.Users location can be traced through GPS.

Microsoft has plans to take on Google as it released last month Bing app for iPad which enabled the users to to browse Bing homepage images, movies, news,local businesses and much more.

Bing Map is having SDK for Windows Phone and Android also.

In official blog post Microsoft says,

“We think you will find that the terms of use are less restrictive than what you find with the Apple Map Kit, with no sacrifice in functionality”.

How to download Bing iOS SDK

To download Bing iOS SDK you will have to sign up for free Bing Maps Key
and download Bing iOS SDK (Zip file).


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