Personal blogs: can we monetize them

Personal blogs as the name suggests revolves around the personality and things happening around a person’s life.

I have enjoyed many a times reading these so called personal blogs as it reflects a lot about the personality of the particular person.

One such personal blog Future Perfect happens to be one of my friend.

I was just thinking that can these personal blogs be monetized or can they be a good source of income ?

These days every day a new blog is coming up and celebrities, media persons and even some politicians have started their own blogs where they are sharing their personal experiences and the things which are happening around their lives.

No doubt these celebrities have huge fan following and whatever things they post on blogs people are going to read.Some of the blogs have really interesting things to share whereas others are a real bore.

If someone is having a personal blog and he/she wants to earn money from it then it is better to shift to a niche as you can focus on it in a better way and your readers will be able to understand what you want to say.You will be able to find advertisers and can even sell products which are related to your niche.

I think personal blogs are good only for celebrities as they have huge fan following. What do you think ?

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  1. Techshares

    i dont knw whether i get traffic through my PERSONAL BLOG ;)
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  2. Aswani

    Well, you certainly can. btw, many thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. To be very honest, being a niche less blogger..I have found that it is never easy to monetize one’s blog. Though I have still tried my best to make it possible. And luckily I’ve been successful with it to some extent. You know to me…it is not about personal or professional blogging. Anyone can make it happen. To know more on this, please try contacting me ;) But yes, niche blogging is much more rewarding. I agree :)

    • shabnam sultan

      Your blog deserves to be mentioned Aswani :) i really like your style of blogging. Keep it up.

      • hacker9

        yeah i too like his style of blogging. and i like his inspiring stories and quotes very much.
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  3. Techshares

    @Aswani rocks in personal blog , cheers …..

    i dont get that much fans to share …. ;)
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  4. Nicola

    Hi shabnam, I agree with you, if you wants to earn money from a blog you need to find profitable niche.

    It took me 4 years before to gain $1500-2000 per month, by working 12 hours a day (min). Now I have 6 blogs and some niche site, and I can attest that it is never easy to monetize one’s blog.

    Every day I check every affiliate product I sell in order that they appear on the first Google results pages. Also, I make “article marketing” on articlebase and ezinearticle as well.

    Not enough to have a personal blog to become rich, or however are very few people that succeed.

    • shabnam sultan

      Thanks Nicola for your views :) your blog is really informative . It will help everyone a lot to understand how to earn money online.

  5. karthik1987in

    It depends on the Content Created by Author! One of my Friend Got about $20 From Adbrite, he is having personal blog!

  6. Vinay

    I think there will be good income if outcome is good from you :)

    @Aswani: cool blog bro :)

  7. jai prakash

    I don’t know about others but really I feel personal blog can be also comes a good source of income.But 1rst u have to stands in proper place and your thinking is approriate into lover point of view……keep it up shabnam U can do better in this field…..I also lover of your blog…..
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  8. Vivek Krishnan

    Of course one can monetize a personal blog provided it has decent traffic. But as such a niche blog is much more profitable.
    .-= Vivek Krishnan´s last blog ..List Of Tools To Bulk Follow/Unfollow Users On Twitter =-.

    • Alli

      agree with what vivek, robert and others commented.
      i am also planning to start a blog but i have few many niche in my mind so i guess it would be hard to categorize all :(

      • shabnam sultan

        Thanks Alli for your comment , i wish you luck for your blog :)

  9. Robert

    Hi Shabnam,

    I believe any type of blog can be monetized, however, with regard to income, a niche specific blog generally does better.

    Personal blogs can generate some income from sources like Google Adsense and Amazon but the money won’t be enough to quit your day job. :)

    I see many personal blogs that really clutter their site with massive amounts of ads. I think that is a distraction to readers and they won’t remain on the site. If a personal blog provides good content, like yours and Aswani’s;-) and the advertising is done tastefully and strategically, you can earn some income. Next task is driving traffic but we’ll leave that for another discussion.
    .-= Robert´s last blog ..Are You Receiving Those Big Fat Affiliate Checks? =-.

    • shabnam sultan

      Thanks Robert for your views …….. but my blog is not personal :) .

      • Robert

        Yes, I know your blog is not a personal one. I inadvertently added the word “personal” and you have my apology for that.

        What I meant to say is; If a blog provides good content, like yours and Aswani’s;-) and the advertising is done tastefully and strategically, you can earn some income.
        .-= Robert´s last blog ..Are You Receiving Those Big Fat Affiliate Checks? =-.

        • shabnam sultan

          Thanks Robert no need to apologize i have subscribed to your newsletter will try learning few tips from it :) .

  10. Hami

    Well in my opinion Social profiels like facebook and twitter mainly has changed the sceneario of Personal Blogs.

    Giving my own example I never looked back to my personal blog once I got twitter and than facebook..

    but a while back I had a full fledged personal blog and readers (my friends) to update my blog with my accomplishments.
    .-= Hami´s last blog ..Beautify Your Twitter Profile Backgrounds in Seconds =-.

  11. lawmacs

    I believe any blog can be monetize personal or not but as robert mentioned monetizing for a specific niche might make more money than the other however if you are a celebrity with a large reader base you still can make huge amount of money through paid or sponsored advertisement. Shabnam thanks this is a very interesting topic to debate.
    .-= lawmacs´s last blog ..Blogging is it Working For You =-.

    • shabnam sultan

      Thanks bro it is easy for celebrities to get readers for their personal blogs.

  12. TheArchitect

    The key to earn money from blog is traffic. If we have huge traffic, it doesn’t matter to make money from the blog. :D
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  13. Shravan

    you are right niche is very important to get traffic
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