Personal blogs: can we monetize them

Personal blogs as the name suggests revolves around the personality and things happening around a person’s life.

I have enjoyed many a times reading these so called personal blogs as it reflects a lot about the personality of the particular person.

One such personal blog Future Perfect happens to be one of my friend.

I was just thinking that can these personal blogs be monetized or can they be a good source of income ?

These days every day a new blog is coming up and celebrities, media persons and even some politicians have started their own blogs where they are sharing their personal experiences and the things which are happening around their lives.

No doubt these celebrities have huge fan following and whatever things they post on blogs people are going to read.Some of the blogs have really interesting things to share whereas others are a real bore.

If someone is having a personal blog and he/she wants to earn money from it then it is better to shift to a niche as you can focus on it in a better way and your readers will be able to understand what you want to say.You will be able to find advertisers and can even sell products which are related to your niche.

I think personal blogs are good only for celebrities as they have huge fan following. What do you think ?


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