Phone 5 Release Date In Uk , November 21

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We know that the iPhone 5 will have 8MP Camera, Qualcomm CDMA/GSM Baseband Chip and will be released in third quarter.

A UK retailer Phones4U claims that iPhone 5 will be released on November 21 this year.One of the staff at Phones4u in St Albans said to T3 – Apple’s latest edition would be available on similar tariffs to those offered to early iPhone 4 adopters.

iPhone 5 will be unveiled in September this year and will be available in UK from November 21.

T3 reports –

A November release would add velocity to the spate of rumours suggesting that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled in September 2011, doing away with Apple’s previously rigid annual summer release schedule.

It is being said that iPhone 5 will be similar to iPhone 4 and there will be only difference in the software.

We know that at WWDC 2011 Apple will be releasing Lion 3 final version and iOS 5.

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However,no official announcement has been made from Phones4u head office regarding iPhone 5 release date.

Update: T3 has contacted the St Albans store again today and once again had confirmed that “the iPhone 5 has been delayed until November but the only difference between the 4 and the 5 is software updates, that’s the only difference.” The retailer went on to announce: “Apple had a software issue with the handset so they are still waiting to fix that up so it will be November when it is coming out.”

Having contacted Phones4u head office in regards to the claimed iPhone 5 arrival, the retail chain stated that it would not be issuing an official quote on the handset’s arrival at this time adding word of a November 21st release can be attributed to an “over-excited member of staff who is clearly a fan of the iPhone brand.”

Stay tuned for more updates….

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