Quantity Versus Quality – A blogger’s choice

Guest post by Aswani

Hi friends, it gives me pleasure to let you know that this blog has got its first ever guest post. Yes, it comes from a very good friend of mine, Aswani. Here Aswani has shared some of his blogging tips for the newbies. I found it quite useful and informative. Hope you too will.

Everyone blogs these days. Isn’t it? Blogging seems to have taken this web by storm. There was a period when it was limited to people in the west but not anymore now. It is great to see everyone getting involved with it…these days.

Anyways, it is never easy for anyone to get things going right from the beginning. Especially for the newbies who are new to this field and have a strong desire to excel in this area. It was the same case with me too. I too had to face similar problems when I tried to make my way into this blogosphere. Believe me, it all looks tough in the beginning but gradually you become used to it and find it quite easier and enjoyable later. Again depends upon your interest and willingness to keep it going.

Now, talking about the problems which I had to face in the beginning. As a newbie, one of the biggest problems which I had to face in the earlier stages of my blogging career was to decide between quantity and quality. Should I be blogging too much? Should I compromise with quality? In other words, how frequently should I be posting a new content? What should be a minimum gap between an old and a new post? Does blogging too much, leads to the loss in the quality of the content? These and many more related questions were bothering me like anything. But with times, I found an answer to all these. And this is what I am here to share with you all folks.

When you are new to blogging, it is a known thing that you want to establish yourself. You really need a strong base to move ahead and get the feeling of having achieved something in this area. So, the very first thing you should do is to make sure you are consistent with your postings. Yes, you need to post more often. This is very important as until and unless you have an inventory of a content, you cannot create a strong base of yours in this blogosphere. Posting frequently determines the growth rate of your site. You really need people to visit your blogs and so you need to have a better posting rate which if you are asking me…I will say you..try to post daily. May sound tough but definitely not impossible. The three very important benefits of posting regularly are :

1 – Enables fresh and updated content on your blogs.
2 – Makes search engines to crawl your site more often and thus enabling your site to show up higher in the search rankings.
3 – It is quite common to see blogs which have frequently updated content, have short content which is quite easier and quicker to read.

Well, having listed pros on frequency of postings, there are some obvious cons too. These are :

1 – When you begin to post more frequently there are chances that you will end up being more dull. It is most likely that you will not spend enough time in researching for your content and thus will lead to the loss of quality or originality.
2 – Also posting too frequently may create a situation when you may post some irrelevant content which is likely to go against your blogging theme.
3 – Also, posting too frequently may lead people to leave comments which may not be so useful. For example… If you are posting about money making online, your people should find content relevant to the same so that they could leave valid comments.
4 – Give me break. Readers need more “breathing” room between their visits allowing them to keep pace with any new updates. So posting too often regularly may not help always.

Yet another major worry for newbies is to determine the length of the postings. Should you be writing lengthy posts or short ones are better. From my own personal experience, it is always better to write lengthy posts. The reason I am saying so is because when you begin to write longer posts, it is more likely to include comprehensive quality content. This is especially helpful when you want to make money blogging since readers can see more of an investment of your efforts and contributions. This tends to have a more positive influence on their purchasing decisions. Also, when you have much bigger postings…it looks more insightful as it showcases time and effort spent in developing the same.

But yes, this is also not free from shortcomings. One of the biggest shortcomings of posting longer content is that it goes against the usual phenomenon. People who visit websites, do not take time to go through the whole content. Instead they scan through each and everything. That is where posting longer content may end up being a waste of time and effort. Readers who visiting postings with longer content may lack an appreciation for any additional research or depth a post may offer since they may prefer a ‘lighter’ and quicker read.

So, here we go. These are surely two of the most important concern for any blogger. The thing to be learned is that when you are new to blogging, do spend too much of your time in posting more frequently as it is likely to create a strong base for you in this blogosphere. You really need to set up yourself here first. Once you are finished here, you can then concentrate more on the quality thing. Once your site establishes a regular flow of blog traffic your readers place more importance on quality than quantity. Frequency seems to be of more importance early in the blog building stage to simply attract ‘attention’ but quality tends to better sustain the popularity of the site. In the end it all comes down to what your readers have become accustomed to but one thing does remain consistent, your content must be worth their time.

bio :

Aswani is a an avid blogger from India. He has been blogging since 2007. He writes mostly on the topics which are related to blogging and personality development. Plus being a niche less blogger, he tries to cover anything and everything. To know more about his blogging, please visit his blog at aksindiblog.com


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