Quit Facebook Day – Will you be quitting Facebook

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Quit Facebook Day   Will you be quitting Facebook

Are you among those who are thinking of quitting Facebook!There is a site Quit Facebook day which is celebrating Quit Facebook on 31st May.If you think that Facebook does’t respect your privacy then join it today.

Facebook privacy had 50 different settings 170 different options and 6000 words, it was said that it is longer than the US constitution.

Quit facebook day Quit Facebook Day   Will you be quitting Facebook

Recently Facebook has provided updates for its Privacy policy that allows one-stop shop for selecting privacy policy settings,makes less information which can be made public,sets control of pages and helps users to opt-out of 3rd party.

It seems that Quit Facebook Day has got few response as only 2% of US users have opted for it and it is believed that it has all got to do with the simpler privacy policy options by the CEO Zukerberg.

I am not going to delete my Facebook Account as the social networking sites like Facebook has provided a lot of people an opportunity to grow their business at almost no cost.One thing if you want privacy then i don’t think there is ONE ON THE INTERNET- it is you who has to decide what you want to share.

Still if you want to quit Facebook then go and join Quit Facebook Day where you will be asked your Twitter user name if you have or otherwise enter your email address.

What you say …. most of my friends are in Facebook and i have a network of bloggers there – i am going to stay until it changes!

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27 comments on “Quit Facebook Day – Will you be quitting Facebook
  1. Whiztechy says:

    No way..I am not in. Even if we face spam problems in Facebook then also Facebook trying its best to overcome such problems as soon as possible.
    Every time Facebook is coming with new privacy feature thus don’t make any sense to quit Facebook.
    .-= Whiztechy´s last blog ..5 Best Desktop Blogging Editors To Increase Productivity =-.

    • Swamykant says:

      I will back you buddy. I too don’t want to quit Facebook. It is more interactivity than any other Social Networks.
      .-= Swamykant´s last blog ..List of All Bollywood Celebrities and Film Stars on Twitter =-.

  2. Ankit says:

    Not bad site, but Seppukoo is better than this.

  3. Ram kumar says:

    Good post :) I will never join in quit facebook

  4. Karthikeyan says:

    No Way!! I Will Quit Only When i Die! :)

    I Think i Will be First in QUIT ORKUT DAY :)
    .-= Karthikeyan´s last blog ..Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox =-.

  5. Nicola says:

    Thanks for the great post shabnam! Sure, I agree that Facebook doesn’t respect my privacy, but at the same time it is become part of my daily works, and thanks to it I’ve built a strong comunity around my blog and important to increase my business online. So, I will not leave it. Of course, it is only my opinion. Have a nice day shabnam!
    .-= Nicola´s last blog ..Guide To Building A Successful Blog: 7 Day Plan To Building A Blog From Scratch =-.

  6. techshares says:

    i am just started using it
    .-= techshares´s last blog ..Astronaut prepares to return to Earth after tweeting from space =-.

  7. Aswani says:

    I was knowing it very well. But I don’t have any such reason to quit. I just love facebook. It has been simply an outstanding platform for a guy like me. I see it foolish to have such day as quit facebook. Privacy is important but still it is not any big reason to quit facebook.
    .-= Aswani´s last blog ..Does blog money making ideas work for you ? =-.

  8. Tanmay says:

    I’m not gonna quit. Facebook is amazing.
    .-= Tanmay´s last blog ..Extend Office 2010 Trial Period Up to Six Months =-.

  9. Shekhar Sahu says:

    People concern much about privacy huh… So why do they share much information which should not be revealed.
    Who knows the person in your network is the culprit?
    i would never leave it :)

  10. jai prakash says:

    Thanks 2 make aware shubnam and thanks mark zukerbarg.you have done well job .Right now facebook is 2nd rank in the world.I am lover of facebook social network.
    .-= jai prakash´s last blog ..Nikon D300S comes in picture for professionals and photographers =-.

  11. Hami says:

    Not exactly I will be quitting Facebook. Thought Facebook is already banned in my country for illicit drawing contest, so I will be thinking on quitting it later.
    .-= Hami´s last blog ..Safely Jailbreak iPad 3.2 with Spirit =-.

  12. You say right, If you have a issue with privacy then you should not even on your browser because they to gather information, advertising company like Adsense gather information. There is virtually no place for privacy in internet. I’m not going to quit Facebook in any case.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..PenyuLocker – A free folder locking software =-.

  13. Hariharakumar says:

    Privacy concerned users should join Quit Facebook

  14. Gagan says:

    of course not … There is no way I can live without FB !!
    .-= Gagan´s last blog ..Get New Visitors To Your Blog By Article Exchange : Blog Traffic Series Part 19 =-.

  15. Nicola says:

    Thanks for the nice post shabnam! However, I will never join in quit facebook. it is too important for my business.
    .-= Nicola´s last blog ..Guide To Building A Successful Blog: 7 Day Plan To Building A Blog From Scratch =-.

  16. lawmacs says:

    The concern for me is that most people will sign up to quit facebook day but later on some of them will rejoin or might not even leave
    .-= lawmacs´s last blog ..Web Round Up Part 3 =-.

  17. abhi says:

    Better I will stop using it than quitting. :)

  18. Harsh Athalye says:

    I don’t understand the roar about privacy. Guys, what is this? a television? For goodness sake, you are online and as soon as you are online, you are exposed to everything. If you don’t want to share your private information, don’t put it online. As simple as that! Facebook has only became an easy target for criticism, when the fact is people are being lame and ignorant. I am not leaving facebook, nor joining any such ‘Hate Facebook’ campaign, period!
    .-= Harsh Athalye´s last blog ..Skribit – Turn Reader Suggestion Into Blog Post =-.

  19. Vinay says:

    I accept many people would have thought about leaving FB! But Zukerberg has accepted that they have done a mistake and making the policy as simple as possible :) SO its better to stay back any enjoy social media :)
    .-= Vinay´s last blog ..Do you know A to Z of Facebook?? =-.

  20. VISHAL says:

    No way…I can’t quit FB
    .-= VISHAL´s last blog ..Tricks Machine Monthly Roundup & Traffic Report, May 2010 =-.

  21. Gojeg says:

    I’m not going to quit from FB, because I have so many old friends there. And, we are only using FB to communicate.
    .-= Gojeg´s last blog ..How To : Check and Repair Broken Links in WordPress =-.

  22. vector graphics says:

    well, this sounds crazy.. now they have good security features and i get very good traffic from facebook and as well i have Fan page. I am not going quit it. :)
    vector graphics´s last blog post ..Most Useful Web Design Cheat Sheets

  23. TechChunks says:

    I know that there are people out there who are whiling about how Facebook’s Privacy settings suk big time but I am not quitting FB yet.
    TechChunks´s last blog post ..How to Make Use of a Perfectly Working but Obsolete Laptop

  24. Every Internet marketer must have a account in FB. I’m not planning to quit FB at all.
    Arun | A Shout´s last blog post ..Work 3 minutes and earn max of $2++ and min of $0.10

  25. Kimi says:

    I am probably the only blogger who doesn’t really like facebook. But this is true, i only have one friend on facebook lol. I just don’t have time for facebook, since i run two blogs, got two kids haha.
    Kimi´s last blog post ..WordPress- Set up all in one seo pack configuration tutorial

  26. Habibies says:

    If you want to Dismiss your life then join Facebook, if you love your life then Shut OFF facebook :)
    Habibies´s last blog post ..Amazing Cake You have Never Seen

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