Real Racing 2 HD AirPlay Gaming With iOS 5 On iPad 2 (Video)

AirPlay Mirroring is one of the important feature of iOS 5 for iPad 2 users.AirPlay Mirroring enables users to wirelessly mirror its display to TV.

Popular racing game Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2 will support AirPlay Mirroring.

Guys at Engadget have posted a Hands-On-Video of Real Racing 2 HD using the AirPlay mirroring feature.

According to Engadget,

For this game (and we imagine many more to come), you use the iPad as the controller — both while navigating through menus and in race mode — while the game appears only on your TV (though the tablet does display some vitals, and a map of the track). There’s noticeable lag between the iPad and Apple TV when using AirPlay, which may be an issue for games where timing is important, such as Rock Band, but didn’t seem to set us back while playing Firemint’s racing game.

iOS 5 beta will expire on 4th August,2011 and will be released to public this fall.

6 Responses to “Real Racing 2 HD AirPlay Gaming With iOS 5 On iPad 2 (Video)”
  1. Atul - Rooting

    Can u please tell which video u have intgrated.
    Till now I have added only Youtube videos and I can see its not from youtube?


    • shabnam sultan

      Atul this video is hands-on video posted by Engadget.

  2. Kiosk

    All this gaming ipad are one of the best way to make most of technology. Nowadays we can have a great experience of playing such games on such a rich platforms.

  3. Atul - Rooting

    shabnam good going
    U have changed the Home page title and I can see new sharing icons at sidebar of post…good

    I have also changed my theme to fixed width… took my whole day…
    But still it looks weird in IE.. I dont know why Microsoft does not make user friendly IE :)

    • shabnam sultan

      Good Atul

  4. lawmacs

    That ia an amzing feature using your iphone to control a game played on your television

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