Revolution in Internet ads due to New Technology

There is something to cheer for webmasters / bloggers as the placing of internet ads on websites / blogs is going to be more profitable and easier in near future .

The credit goes to new technology that allows ads to be resized and to fit in any space of the available webpage.

Currently there are only 3 to 4 ads formats for the placement of internet ads. This new technology is supposed to remove size restriction and will affect the way ads are being displayed in new devices like iPad and iPhone.

This new technology is being developed by an associate Professor of University of Toronto Electrical & Computer Engineering which enables the ads to be resized automatically.
According to this new technology when advertisers provide a single ad of a present size , then the new technology automatically and dynamically regenerates the ad of any size taking into account contexts of the ad , relevant text and other available info.

It is said to be believed that the new technology will lead to the optimum utilization of website space for advertising . This will obviously increase revenues for publishers and create better and new opportunities for the advertisers.


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