SoundJaw Boosts iPad Sound (Video)

Speakers in iPad 2 are placed at the back and it is difficult to hear anything when you are out in a crowded place.

If you want to boost volume of your iPad then SoundJaw, is perfect solution for you.

What is a SoundJaw and how it works ?

SoundJaw is an accessory designed by Matthew McLachlan for your iPad 2 especially (will work for iPad 1 also) to boost its sound.SoundJaw is a portable and sleek accessory made up of rigid resin, it is placed onto iPad where the speakers are placed and redirects the sound to the front.The developer has tested it watching for watching movies and to listening to music which are far away, results have been up to the mark.

It also works fine with the Smart Covers of iPad 2 and also for iPhone 4 users.

Guys at Kickstarter have pledged $7,370 till now and the goal of the project is $7,000.If you pledge $20 or more you can get SoundJaw for free and by pledging $750 or more you can get iPad 2 for FREE.

SoundJaw will be released on 7th June,2011 and will change the way iPad users watch movies and listen to music even at the most crowded place.

Watch video on SoundJaw :


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