Steve Jobs To Unveil iOS 5 , iCloud At WWDC 2011

WWDC 2011 is going to commence from 6th June at San Francisco and there are reports that Steve Jobs is going to give keynote at WWDC 2011.

Apple has released a press release stating that Steve Jobs will unveil WWDC 2011.

“It’s a good sign he’s healthy enough to be there and participate,” Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves said, but he added that “it’s not a huge surprise” because of the executive’s appearances at other events.

Inspite of health issues Steve Jobs made an appearance to introduce iPad 2.

We know that Apple will preview iOS 5 ,Mac OS X Lion and iCloud.

It is being said that Apple engineers are going to hold more than 100 technical sessions at WWDC 2011.

Apple’s share rose from $5.73 to $343.13.

New iCloud service by Apple will be used to stream music and store them.iCloud will change the way data is used over internet.

There are speculations that iPhone 4 S will be launched in WWDC 2011.

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