SurfCube Windows Phone 7 Browser Available For Download


December 30, 2010Technology1 Comment

If you happen to be a Windows Phone 7 user and want to try a new cool browser then you should try using SurfCube. SurfCube has a 3D interface and it displays a webpage on full screen.

Features of Surfcube for Windows Phone 7:

1. Fast browser which saves bandwidth also for those websites which don’t run on mobile mode.

2. Can work on private mode.

3. Support for landscape and portrait orientation.

4. Has features such as history and favorites.

5. Runs under the lock screen so it returns instantly after being powered off.

6. Has orientation lock which lets
you to read in any position you prefer.

Watch SurfCube browser in action below:

SurfCube browser is available for a download from Zune Marketplace for $1.99.You can even opt for trial version of SurfCube browser !

Download SurfCube browser for Windows Phone 7

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  1. Nicola

    The 3D interface seem kool and maybe help navigate the browser quickly!

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