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10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Wallpapers For Desktop

happy valentines day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the globe on February 14th, hoping that you liked earlier post on Valentine‚Äôs Day App for iPhone. Here is the list of some best desktop wallpapers for Valentine’s Day. read more

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How To Control PC From iPad Remotely

iPad (iPad2/iPad1) is a revolutionary gadget.If you have iPad no need to carry your laptop with you as you can remote control PC from iPad. There are many Apps available in App Store which will enable you to control your

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Sync Data Between iPhone, Android & PC

iOS 5 enables users to sync files wirelessly with PC.However, if you want to sync data between iPhone, Android and PC then you should opt for an app known as SimpleDrop app. What can SimpleDrop app do ? With SimpleDrop

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Three Best Remote Desktop Softwares

Remote Desktop Softwares are a great boon to Geeks. They are used to administer a remote PC . For Example: If you are in your Home Town and you should urgently send a file to your Client, What will you

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10 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

Windows Live Writer

Desktop blogging softwares are the perfect solution for bloggers who want to schedule their posts to be published sometime later. Here are the 10 Best Desktop blogging softwares : 1. Windows Live Writer : This is my favorite desktop blogging

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