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5 Best Apps To Make Music On Mac

GarageBand for Mac

If you own a Mac and love music, consider installing below listed best Music apps on Mac. Hoping that you enjoyed list of best FTP Clients for Mac and blog editors for Mac. Best Apps To Make Music On Mac

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7 Best Antivirus App For Your Mac

iAntivirus app

Antivirus for Mac was not required, however recent malware attack has left it vulnerable to various virus, spyware and malware. Normally viruses found in Windows PCs don’t infect Mac but Mac can get infected if you run Windows on your

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How To Get Your Mac’s Firmware Password With The OS X Calculator

Mac OS X

Every Mac comes with a firmware password to prevent users from bypassing the OS X security. But if you want to boot to alternative modes, you have to disable to it. The easiest way to recover your Mac’s firmware password

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Features of Apple Macbook Air – You Just Want Security

Macbook Air

Who does not want ease of living and working in life? Everyone does and so we all should be thankful to the technology that provides us with gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Almost everybody in developed countries own

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Apple Announces Next Gen Macbook Pro,Updates Macbook Air & More

Apple at WWDC has announced New Next Generation MacBook Pro along with updated models of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro – Ivy Bridge with option to increase the processor to 2.6GHz quad core i7 read more

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OS X Mountain Lion To Get Siri-Like Voice Dictation – Rumor

Apple may introduce Siri-like voice dictation feature Mac OS X.9to5Mac has found a reference file inside the latest build of upcoming OS X Mountain Lion which indicates that OS X may get Siri-like voice dictation feature. read more

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Apple Plans To Launch Retina Display For MacBook Pro & iMac

Apple may launch New iMac and MacBook Pro with Retina Display as per the reports of ABC News.It is being expected that the display resolution will be similar to that of iPhone and New iPad/iPad 3. “The laptop will see

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Download HackStore For Mac OS X

HackStore, which is a Cydia like alternative for Mac is now available for a download.Users now can download unapproved Mac OS X apps and tweaks from the Store.The HackStore will work on principal “No piracy apps here, forever and ever“

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HowTo Check & Remove Flashback Trojan Virus From Mac OS X

Over 600,000 Mac computers have been infected with the Flashback Trojan virus according to Russian antivirus company Dr. Web. Apple has released a security patch for Java which you need to download and install the Java for OS X Lion

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HackStore – Cydia Like Alternative To Mac OS X Soon

Cydia Store is an alternative to Apple App Store which enables users to install various apps which gives them more control over their iOS devices.Mac has no jailbreaking but with HackStore there is a possibility of Mac getting a Cydia-like

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