White iPhone 4 box been unveiled

pinit fg en rect gray 20 White iPhone 4 box been unveiled

Good news for iPhone 4 lovers icon smile White iPhone 4 box been unveiled if we can believe the latest leak by Apple – White iPhone 4 box has been unveiled !

Earlier i posted an article on White HTC Evo and it seems finally Apple has responded to it.

whitebox of iPhone 4 White iPhone 4 box been unveiled

The White iPhone 4 box has the pic of White iPhone 4 the same way black iphone box has a pic of a black iphone on it – nothing new about it !

white iPhone 4 White iPhone 4 box been unveiled

Now if you want to show off your White iPhone 4 you will have to wait till the end of this month.Till then enjoy these pics :).


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11 comments on “White iPhone 4 box been unveiled
  1. Suspicious says:

    Looks like a Photoshop job

  2. Sourav says:

    This is a very good news for those waiting for the white iPhone 4. This news/rumor (whatever it is) will keep keep the potential buyers waiting.
    Do keep us updated on this.
    Sourav´s last blog post ..Make Add-Ons Compatible With Firefox 4 Beta

    • Sourav says:

      Btw, there maybe some error with the source link. It’s not leading to any page.
      “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to micgadget.com”

  3. Aswani says:

    cool pics…thanks so much for sharing. Have a nice day ahead :)
    Aswani´s last blog post ..Top office wisdom quotes

  4. Ary says:

    I must say that I’ve been expecting to see the white iphone 4, cause I have to many black phones. A change won’t hurt anyone.
    Ary´s last blog post ..Are you the color that will break the mood

  5. great post. :)
    seospidy@Seo Expert Delhi´s last blog post ..Search Engine Optimization SEO

  6. Chris Simms says:

    Hopefully this means the white iphone isn’t too far away, and that both 16GB and 32GB capacities will be available from launch. I wonder how many people have got fed up waiting and bought the black iphone instead? Also, it will be interesting to see if Apple have done any work on the reception issue as well – those free rubber bumpers must of cost them a lot of money to give away.
    Chris Simms´s last blog post ..Free iPhone 16GB

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