10 Best Android Office Apps


When you’re out of the office, your Android becomes your lifeline. You need to have access to your peers. You need to browse for information and be aware of the best locations in the city.

Here are ten great Android office apps


  1. Astrid [Free] – Make tasks, create timelines and achieve your goals with Astrid. You put a list of items into your Android and Astrid will help you organize them. Be reminded of upcoming tasks and calendar items. Your phone will constantly remind you of your events, forcing you to get things done.
  2. Dropbox [Free] – Access your files from anywhere. If your music collection is in your Dropbox, you can stream those files directly to your Android. If you’ve forgotten large files at the office, ask a coworker to put them into your Dropbox, avoiding the hassle of emailing and notification. Files are easily retrieved.
  3. Google Voice [Free] -Google Voice Android Office Apps transcribes your voice mail to text, sending email of the transcribed conversation. You have one customizable number which will ring all of your devices. If you need to filter your calls, you can listen to the conversation before answering. You can block unwanted callers from your phone. That single number provides a great point of contact for someone who is constantly on the move.
  4. Camcard Lite [Free] – Thousands of business cards are received at networking events and conferences. Rather than keep all of that information in your wallet, billfold, or purse, you can scan it directly into your Android using Camcard Lite. Place calls and quickly access email information. This application uses state-of-the-art OCR software.
  5. Evernote [Free] – Evernote records, tracks, and retrieves sticky notes for your Android. You can save web snippets, bursts of sound, and even upload files. Stay organized by synchronizing your Android application with your desktop.
  6. eBuddy [Free] – Move fluidly from conversation to conversation using the eBuddy app. Stay in contact with your coworkers through Google Talk, AOL IM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, ICQ and MySpace. Inform your coworkers about the latest innovations and developments occurring at the conference. Share pictures and contact information quickly.
  7. Geodelic [Free] – Geodelic (Sherpa) is a smart location based guide. This application is priceless for the business traveler because it learns from your most common searches. If the bank is the first place for which you search, then Geodelic will give you a listing of the banks in the area as your starting screen.
  8. Skype [Free, international rates apply] – Use Skype through your mobile phone and pay cheaper rates. Make free Skype-to-Skype calls. Pay reduced international rates. Skype is a must-have for any business traveler, as Skype calls don’t use your treasured mobile minutes.
  9. Opera Mini [Free] – Speed up your browsing speed using Opera Mini. Switch browser windows quickly and get your information at the speed of you. Switch between portrait and landscape modes. Scroll rapidly through your favorite pages using shortcut pages. Opera lets you spend more time surfing the web instead of waiting to surf.
  10. WordPress [Free]

    If you’re in charge of the company blog, WordPress is an essential tool for your Android. You can post new content, edit posts, and review comments from the comfort of wherever you are. The improvements to the application mean that you are working from a stable environment.

You can do amazing things with your Android. Guide yourself through a foreign city. Surf the web with ease and speed. Check your email and make free calls. The Android is an important asset to your mobile office.Are you aware of other Android Office Apps?


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