10 Useful Online Presentation Tools


You do not need to go into the office anymore to make a presentation. Here are ten web based applications which allow you to create high quality presentations and show them to your global team.

1. 280 Slides

Powerful presentations can be created with 280 Slides. You can import existing documents, use Flickr and YouTube to add photos and movies to your presentations, even put your presentation on SlideShare and email it to friends.

2. AuthorSTREAM

Take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level with AuthorSTREAM. The presentations that you create work in all browsers, keeping the effects and animations. You can embed your slideshows into sites and offer them for download in iTunes.

3. Brinkpad

With Brinkpad, you can create online presentations to share with other users. This free application allows users to manage, publish and save documents to the web and allow others to edit it. Everything is done within your web browser.

4. Empressr

Empressr takes your PowerPoint presentations and allows you to enrich it with audio, video and photos to create the best presentations available. You can keep your documents private or share them on all of the social media sites. With the online library, you can manage your media assets quickly and easily.

5. Google Docs Presentation

Import audio, video, tables and slides to create your presentation, then share it with the world. After completing your Google Presentation, you can download it as a PDF, text document or PowerPoint file. This no-frills web based application will let you collaborate with users all over the world.

6. myPlick

With MyPlick, your slideshows can be as entertaining as movies. You can import most of the major file formats and synchronize your video and audio to share your ‘plicks’ around the world. The only limitation to this application is that presentations have to be kept to 150 slides. Uploads are limited to 50MB.

7. PreZentit

Collaborate with as many users as you wish with Prezentit. There is no waiting for changes to show up because changes can be made simultaneously. Since your documents are stored as web pages, you can also edit your presentations by hand.

8. SlideShare

With SlideShare, you can distribute your ideas and presentations to a wider audience. You can post your presentation to a professional community and receive feedback, or you can embed your slideshows in your blog or website.


One of the great features of VCASMO is the ability to subtitle your slides. Nearly any type of audio or video format is accepted on your presentation, and you can set your creations to be either public or private.

10. Zoho

Zoho allows you to gauge feedback and communicate with the viewers of your presentation using online chat. You can import a wide range of file types and export your shows to PDF, HTML or PowerPoint.

You can present your slideshows on the web from the comfort of your own home. These presentations can be transmitted around the globe through social networking sites, Youtube and email. For your next presentation, try out one of these free tools.


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