17 Beautiful iPad Created Artworks


The iPad is a fantastic device for those who enjoy portability and simplicity. To some, it forms the canvas of people’s imagination. Here are some awesome pictures which were created with the iPad.

1. When you look out the purple framed window, you can see a farmhouse in the distance. This piece by David Hockney is a study in contrast.

2. The portrait of Henry William Oelkers has the appearance of an oil painting, but it was created entirely on the iPad. The features of this gentleman are exquisite.

3. A photo realistic picture of Will Smith.

4. This picture is reminiscent of an old style magazine cover. The lady appears distinguished, and the leopard spots are perfectly placed.

5. From a distance, you see smoke rising from an unknown source on this artwork. Closer inspection reveals more detail about what is behind the smoke, blurred and curious.

6. Oranges and golds form this cloudscape. A boat with a single oarsman rests in a very tiny pond. The planet behind is absolutely beautiful.

7. The most striking feature of this picture is the perfection in the detailing of this man’s face. the background of gears and robots is slightly superimposed upon the three faced multifaceted man.

8. The distortions in this impressionist style city sidewalk are subtle and amazing. Pay attention to the shadows on the street and how they appear to be from a different painting altogether.

9. With the exception of the eyes, this feline was drawn entirely in greys and blacks. The kitty’s eyes are worth mentioning, as they appear quite realistic.

10. The texturing on this photo is reminiscent of a surreal Tarot card. The somber scientist looks over the surroundings with a spout of neon upon his midsection. There are intriguing shadows in the background of the scientist’s face.

11. A nearly three dimensional instructional photo of someone with a color wheel. The colors are vibrant, like they will soar off the page.

12. The purple shading on this picture is delightful. It inspires the imagination.

13. The reflections and coloring are delightful. The curve on the artwork appears realistic.

14. Vaguely impressionistic, this image of a chocolate box pigeon sitting on the windowsill is compelling.

15. The cover of March’s New Yorker was done completely on the iPad by Jorge Colombo. This picture of an all night diner perfectly illustrates the New Yorker style.

16. Carrying a parasol, wearing an old style dress with bright turquoise shoes is the only way to float out in space in an asteroid field. Fortunately, this floating woman has her cat.

17. This picture of an illuminated tree is simple, yet haunting. The roots and greenery travels into nothingness.

The Brushes app is versatile and robust, allowing you to create phenomenal pieces of artwork. Release your imagination with the iPad.

Hoping that you enjoyed these beautiful artworks on iPad!


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