3 Ways Mobile Technology Is Changing Education


Mobile Technology is changing the way education is imparted to students in recent years. As per reports 82 percent of high school students in United States used smartphones and 57 percent prefer to study on their iPad. Since, mobile technology has become an important part of the life of students many schools in United States have introduced teaching and learning through mobile devices especially tablets.

use of mobile technology in education

Ways Mobile Technology Is Changing Education

1. Tablet With Education Apps Improves Learning

Learning on tablets like iPad is more interactive and fun for students of all age. Many schools have started introducing iPad in the classroom. Did you know, there are more than 80,000 education apps designed especially for iPad which covers almost every subject grade level and learning style?


2. Augmented Reality


Including Augmented Reality device like Google Glass in classroom can improve the over all learning process of the students. Let us go through the use of Google Glass in education:

  • Teachers can create video or audio guides and share real-time in the classroom.
  • Can capture scientific phenomenon and share with others in the classroom.
  • Students who are going on class visit to a  historic monument or museum can use Google Glass to display important data about the landmark at an instant.
  • Create your own documentary about a particular subject taught in the class and share in the classroom.
  •  Google Glass can be a great help in remote teaching.
  • Students who are physically challenged can be benefit a lot from the use of Google Glass.
  • Teachers can make schedules and share in real-time with colleagues.
  • It is tough for teachers to remember all the students in the classroom, Facial Recognition feature of Google Glass helps to identify students easily.
  • Personalized study programs can be created by teachers for students.
  • Augmented Reality Feedback enables teachers to know if students are falling behind on study material.
  • Students can use Google Now feature for personalized search and retrieval on cards based on their personal learning.
  • With Google Glass searching in real-time while making a presentation or a report can be done in jiffy.


3.  Crowdsourcing In Education

Mobile Technology has paved way for crowdsourcing in education, Khan Academy is helping in spreading educational content in various languages while Coursera is helping students to learn course videos in their local language.

One of the crowdfunding options for educational institutions are Adopt-A-Classroom where donors contribute funds and they also receive an impact report with details as how was the fund utilized. In Adopt-A-Classroom teachers are responsible for using funds to buy things needed for the classroom.

Challenges Faced By Mobile Technology In Education

Mobile technology has no doubt changed the way education is imparted, the use of mobile devices for in the classroom has its own challenges.


The use of mobile learning devices like iPad in schools can be a costly affair. Most of the schools may not have the budget for one device for each student, many schools in United States have adopted BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) method which is more budget friendly. Again not every parent can afford the cost of providing iPad to their kids for learning.

Teacher Training

Mobile technology is changing fast you need to provide regular training to teachers so that they are able to contribute meaningfully in making classroom lesson plans and strategies.



With mobile technology students will have the access to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and not use mobile device for educational purpose. The use of social media may lead to cyberbullying which needs to be taken care of by the school.



The use of mobile devices in the classroom can lead to distraction, students can be playing games on mobile in the classroom. You need to install apps on mobile for control so that the class is more productive.


Breakages, Theft and loss 

Smartphones and tablets can break, lost or get stolen.  The problem can be solved by using protective cases for tablets and getting them insured.

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