4 Free apps to watch TV and movies on your iPad


If you are a movie or a Television buff and you got an iPad too then here are the 4 free apps through which you can enjoy watching your fav shows and movies.

1. Yahoo!Entertainment – Yahoo! Entertainment provides you with your local line-up and highlights your favorite programs.You have the flexibility of sorting the programs and filtering them.Watch new video feeds on your iPad from popular providers.All the features are user friendly and attractive.

2. IMDb – IMDb has huge collection of movies and celebrity information.You can find a lot of informations such as reviews, quotes,user ratings and trailers.For US users it provides it shows you the movies showtimes near your theater.This app has lots of features to impress you and is fast.

3. ABC Player – You can watch your favorite shows like Modern Family, Desperate Housewives and more.You can search for your episodes and find the timings for various shows.

4. Flixster– You can read movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes,shows movies at a local theater near you and you can also buy movie tickets.

What apps you use for your iPad for watching your TV shows and movies?


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