5 Best Coding Games For Programmers


Gaming has become very popular in recent years with millions of people getting hooked to their computers, laptops and mobiles to play games. If you are a hard-core gamer, you must have played Massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) like World of Warcraft which has millions of players competing with others online. It is expected that the gaming industry will generate a revenue of $99.6 billion in 2016.

Did you know that gaming can be good for students in developing skills and improving their over all performance? There is a perception that online gaming has a negative impact on the development of a student, game-based learning can improve the performance of a student. With good game-based learning methods teachers can make students learn skills in enjoyable way. Game based learning is made easy by using gaming software like video games where students can transfer their virtual learning process to real life scenario.

best coding games for programmers

Game-based learning should not be confused with gamification, gamification involves the use of game elements which includes points, badges, or leader board to a non-gaming setting which turns your daily routine task into more enjoyable and motivating experience.

Game-based learning is different from Traditional learning, game-based learning learners have the capability of choosing and creating their own game to learn specific skills whereas in traditional learning the games are pre-made for a particular skill.

What are the benefits of gaming?

1. Games like Mario Games helps in boosting memory whereas action-based games improves your decision making process.

2. Computer games requires the use of keyboard and mouse which develops hand and eye coordination as you will have to look at the screen and simultaneously use your hand to control the game.

3. Social Gaming can help you to deal with stress while you play with your friends at your home or online with others.

4.  Are you feeling lonely? No worries, playing video games can have a positive impact on your mood and make you feel happy.

5.  Did you know that gaming can be good for your eyes? Yes, playing first-shooter games can really improve your vision.

Best Games For Coders

If you are looking forward to learn programming easy way, here’s some of the best games which will help you how to code.


1.  CodeCombat

CodeCombat is a community project which helps you to learn basic things of programming and has support for five programming languages: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Lua, and Python. The game covers various programming topics — basic-syntax, strings, arguments, variables, vector drawing and more.


2. CodinGame

CodinGame is a challenging games for programmers which improves your coding skills. The coding game can be played Solo or in multiplayer mode.

The CodinGame has support for more than 20 Programming languages which includes C, C#, C++,Java, Javascript, Python, Python 3, Bash, Clojure, Dart, Ruby, Scala and others.


3. Code Hunt

Code Hunt is a free coding game for programming developed by Microsoft Research. In Code Hunt game where you play a code hunter who has to find missing codes and you win points in each level, the levels are called Sectors.

Code Hunt supports Java or C#.  You get to learn Programming concepts which includes loops, strings, arithmetic, and conditional statements.


4. FightCode

FightCode is a simple free coding game where you create your own robot to defeat the robots of other players. To create a robot you need to write some Javascript.


5. Robocode

Robocode is an open-source programming game where you have to develop a robot battle tank to fight against other tanks in real time. The Robocode has support for Programming languages like Java, .NET.
The above mentioned games provides introduction to software development, coding bootcamps such as The Software Guild offers high-quality intensive learning environment for people who are interested in programming careers.




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