5 Best Legend of Zelda Games Worth Playing


Do you enjoy legend of Zelda Games on your console? The Legend of Zelda Games by Nintendo is a popular video game which is being enjoyed by most. We will be going through the list of some best Legend of Zelda Games.

Best Legend of Zelda Games Which You Can Play

1. Twilight Princess:

Twilight Princess is the best legend of Zelda games which has a great story which you can enjoy playing on your console. The game revolves around a character named as Link who takes the form of both a Hylian and a wolf and is supported by Midna. Link has to protect Hyrule from Twilight Realm.

2. Ocarina of Time:

Ocarina of Time is a classic best selling action adventure video game released in 3D. Hero of the game, Link in the Hyrule land tries to prevent Ganondorf who is the King of the Gerudo tribe from taking a sacred relic named as Triforce. Link has to travel through time and go through dungeons to stop Ganondorf from acquiring the power. The game has the best soundtrack with creative puzzles which you will love.

Legend of Zelda Games

3. Majora’s Mask:

The game has a time limit of 3 days to save yourself and the Earth in Termina by taking actions from being destroyed by the Moon. Skull Kid has stolen Majora’s Mask and under its spell, Skull Kid is causing the Moon to destroy Termina. The character Link goes back in time to prevent the destruction of the world. The use of masks enables Link to transform into various forms. The game has some great catchy soundtrack such as Woodfall temple and the music for Clock Town. The game has plenty of masks which you can use to save the world while playing the game.

4. A Link to the Past:

A Link to the Past is one of the best 2-D Zelda Game to be released by Nintendo. Princess Zelda has been kidnapped and Link has to rescue Zelda in the process. Link travels between the light world and the dark world to fight the monsters. The game has also a multiplayer mode, there are Four Swords which lets you play with other three players.

5. Wind Waker:

The game comprises of amazing graphics where the character Link sails through seas exploring dungeons and solving puzzles, facing monsters and searches for his sister who is being kidnapped.

Have you tried playing the Legend of Zelda Games on your console?

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