6 Gadgets That Make Cleaning Easier


If you own a smartphone or electronic gadget, such as an iPad, chances are you can’t leave home without it. It sits on the kitchen table, pharmacy counters, dirty office desks, occasionally lands on the floor, and gets handled by dirty hands all day. Yet, most people don’t think twice about texting or checking e-mail on their smartphone while having a quick bite to eat. With cold and flu season ahead, it’s time to consider disinfecting your electronic gadgets regularly to prevent the spread of viruses and dangerous bacteria, such as e-coli. The following products will help you stay healthy and clean without harming your favorite gadgets.

#1. Cyber Clean: This remarkable neon-colored goop is perfect for cleaning your smartphone keyboard, desktop keyboard, and just about any hard-to-reach place that collects dirt and food particles. Simply press it into the crevices and the dirt particles will adhere to the goop. Although it feels slightly wet, it’s not wet enough to bother your electronic gadgets. It’s non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about it leaving dangerous chemicals on your fingertips. Once the goop looks dirty, simply fold it in half and the goop absorbs the dirt particles. The back of the package has an indicator to let you know when the goo needs to be replaced. Container Store has two sizes available, with the smallest starting at $4.99.

#2. Swiffer Dusters: Everyone knows how quickly office equipment gathers dust. Swiffer dusters are perfect for cleaning the computer area because the microfibers attract dust rather than move it around like old-fashioned feather dusters. Dry dusting also means no toxic chemicals are being applied to surfaces in your home. Swiffer claims to eliminate 90% of allergens, and Swiffer replacement cloths fit both the short-handled and the long-handled duster. The long-handled duster is perfect for cleaning ceiling fans that spread dust throughout your office if not cleaned regularly. The Swiffer starter kits can be purchased almost anywhere cleaning supplies are sold, as they are very popular. The kits vary in price (due to different types of handles) but average $10-$16. Replacement cloths run $6-$9 for 8-12 cloths.

#3. Screen Protectors: One of the best way to protect yourself from a germy smartphone is to use a screen protector. Cheap screen protectors can be easily and cheaply replaced. The protective screens, unlike the actual device screens, can also be washed with rubbing alcohol or disinfectant wipes created for household use. Do not use rubbing alcohol to disinfect your actual smartphone because it can scratch it and leave a cloudy residue. Screen protectors usually run $5-$25, depending on your phone and are available at cellular service stores such as AT&T, Sprint and discount chains as well.

#4. iKlenz Solution: iKlenz is recommended by Apple for cleaning iPhones and iPads. Simply spray the solution 4-5 times on the included microfiber cloth (not directly on your device) and wipe away dust, fingerprints and germs. iKlenz is available from TiPb.com for $19.99.

#5. Monster iClean: Works just like iKlenz and also comes with a microfiber cloth. In addition to cellular phones and e-readers, the manufacturer recommends using on camera equipment as well. Monster iClean is slightly less expensive than its competitor and available at many camera shops.

#6. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: This is an inexpensive sponge that can be used to clean laptop screens. Simply wet the sponge and wring it out very well. It works like a charm at removing greasy fingerprints and even dried on keyboard gunk. The sponge retains minimal water, so it’s safe to use on most gadgets. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser costs $3-$4 and is available nearly any place cleaning products are sold.


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