8 Best screen capture tools for Mac users


As bloggers we need to take screenshots quite often.I use PC and my favorite tool to take screenshot is snagit as a third party software.

If you are a Mac user and looking for third party softwares and have a at some of the best screen capture tools for your Mac.

1. Jing:Jing is a free software tool which can be used both for Windows and Mac.With Jing you can take screenshot,make a video and can even share it on online.The basic version is free but to upgrade you will have to pay $14.95 yearly.You can take screenshots of documents and can also upload to Screencast or web.

2. Capture Me:Capture Me has a floating capture window which you can resize and take screenshots by clicking.You can resize the image,copy it to your clipboard and save it in other formats.

3. iShowU:iShowU can capture anything on screen whether audio or video.It is user friendly as you will have to just drag the capture area and then click.You can customize your capture as even large videos can also be captured by controlling settings.Your audio should be of source such as microphone and it can even record audio from your Mac.

4. Skitch:With Skitch you can capture a screenshot,a chat moment, resize and sketch and can even share it with your friends after uploading to Skitch server.

5. InstantShot:Instant Shot lets you customize the screenshot settings before you capture a screen.You can even “Shoot inside a rect” while doing screen capture of an application window.It can save images to iff, Jpg and Png format and to the clipboard.

6. Backdrop: Backdrop lets you take screenshots without cleaning your desktop and you can fill your screen with any color or a custom image of your choice.

7. Copernicus:Copernicus is used only to capture screenshots and and screen movies, no audio for Mac and is a free tool.

8. Papparazi: Papparazi is used to take simple screenshots in Mac for long webpages.You can save the format as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or PDF.

If you are a Mac user which one do you use?Do share!


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