Access All Google Services In Google Chrome With Black Menu


Chrome is the fastest browser and opening different Tabs to access various Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google docs, Google Search can be time consuming and irritating. With Black Menu for Chrome installed on your browser you can easily access all Google services in just one click. No need to open separate tabs.

Once you install Black Menu for Chrome on your browser, it simply sits on your Address bar. When you click on the extension a drop down box will appear which will show a list of Google services. When you bring your cursor to a particular service it will display content of that service.

Black Menu

Start your day with Calendar and Tasks, as you bring your cursor over the Calendar tab, it will show calendar, and your appointments for the day and your task list.

Black Menu.1

Go through your Google+ Notifications from your Chrome browser without opening any other tab. Check your Google Drive easily and browse through your various files. You can even watch YouTube videos by searching the video which you want to watch.

Black Menu.2

Black Menu is an awesome and powerful Google Chrome extension which enables you to access your Google apps easily and fast by saving your time. No need to open other tabs.

One of the drawback of the extension is that it cannot be customized, it shows a whole lot of Google services. You cannot change the position of these services ie, you cannot show services which you use regularly on top and others lower down the list. However, the extension is worth installing.

Download Black Menu for Google Chrome

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