Top 7 Advantages of Android over iOS


Smartphone operating system marketing is filled with tough competitions today. OS developers are trying hard to prove themselves and their OS as best among all. Each of competitors is offering something unique, innovate and advance to attract target market. Most famous operating systems working today for smartphones include Android and IOS. Android follow Linux system and is developed by Google. This OS words best with almost all smartphones and tablet computers. In 2007 Android Corporation unrevealed this OS to improve standards of mobile phones. IOS on the other hand is product of Apple incorporation which was developed purely for iPhone. This mobile operating system is associated with Apple products only, including iPod, iPad and iPhone etc. nowadays these two famous OS are biggest competitors in world of smartphones. Google Android and Apple’s iOS today hold more than 80% US account together. But globally Android holds more shares than iOS, and its reason is compatibility with different smartphones.

Although both of these work best to their users, but still there are some advantages that Android users receive over iOS user. A small list of some prominent advantages are as below:

1. Google Maps Navigation: people who travel a lot and try to explore new places nearby them or around the world. They are in need of maps to navigate through their favourite or unseen places without any confusion. Google’s Android provides you with best map navigation apps over any other similar app. With Apple’s iOS you can surely look for places but any app of Apple’s store is as good as android provides. We already know about the complains of New Maps Apps of Apple.

2. Removable Storage and Battery: android allow its users some special hardware related advantages including user’s ability to remove SD cards and battery and change them with new one. This process is known as swapping which is not offered with iOS. In this way users can easily expand storage capacity on their phone with extended battery life. If you think that iPhone also offers you with extra storage then might be you are wrong. Through swapping a spare battery users can easily use their smartphone for few more hours without charging.

3. Availability of Apps: different users need different apps to fulfil their need and purpose. Android and iOS both are running their app stores, where users can search for different apps and games. Number of apps offered by android are still less than iOS but they are coming with new and innovative collection in 2012. Currently available apps are serving needs of users in best possible way that is why less app are attracting more users.

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4. Open source Operating system: android OS has biggest advantage over iPhone IOS and that is its feature of open source software. iOS is compatible with just Apple gadgets, this means users have to buy Apple products in order to experience iOS features. But with Android no such restrictions work. You can find it on most smartphones from different developers including Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson and HTC etc. service providers across the world offer android services in cheaper rates as compared to iOS.

5. Controlling Phone through Computer: have you ever heard about this feature with iOS? Obviously not, because Apple never offered this service to its users with any of its product yet. But you can avail this chance through Android. There are some apps in its app store which allow users to control their phone form computer system. It makes texting, chatting, browsing and watching video easier now.

6. Integration: its apps are equipped with feature of integration. Users can easily share files and images very easily. It also allows them to share pictures right after clicking them form you camera. This feature is loved by users of social networking sites especially. You can directly link you favourite music, videos and images on Facebook, twitter or Google plus etc. and can receive responses as well.

7. Alternative Keyboard: iPhone holds a nice keyboard with this which enables its user to enter text very easily. But android is also running fast now to compete iOS. It has offered open platform to users now with options of customization. To provide more ease better thumb typing apps are introduced. Its swape keyboard is best alternative keyboard which revolutionized the screen when users type on it.

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