APK Downloader Extension For Google Chrome

Android users can now download Android app files (.APK) directly onto their desktop with a Chrome extension, APK Downloader.

Android users face restrictions of installing various apps on their device as all the device are not compatible to download apps.However,Developer redphx has released a Chrome extension which will make downloading of .APK files onto their desktop.With this Chrome extension you can download Android Tablets apps to your Android smartphone too.

The extension is compatible with Windows,Linu and Mac OS X and requires Chrome 17 or above to work.Once you download the extension it will store email, device id and Android Market cookie in Chrome local storage, on your computer and the user will have to turn off SSL error notifications.

Download APK Downloader Chrome Extension

Download APK Downloader Chrome Extension

However,the developer has removed APK Downloader Chrome extension from his site as some users might download paid apps for free using the extension.

From developer’s official site

People keep talking about pirating paid apps with this. WTF??? To me, that’s really scary. I never thought about this before. The truth is I’m not able to test this on paid apps, because I haven’t bought any apps on Android Market ( I don’t have any valid CC ). I did try on some paid apps and it displayed error, so I assumed that you can’t download them. That’s it. If I knew that you could, maybe I wouldn’t publish this in the first place.

Remember: It’s not possile to download paid apps if you haven’t purchased it yet

Let me tell you the reason why I make this: as you know, I’m an Android developer. While working on my new project, I have to decompile some apps on Android Market. Everytime I want to decompile one, I have to download it to my phone, use Astro to backup it to SDCard, connect phone to PC, then copy the apk file. That’s a really long and painful to me, because I have to do it over and over again. That’s why I come up with this idea.

Conclusion: At first this project is made for my personal needs, then I publish it because I think some people may need it, for good reasons of course. This is not a tool for pirating. It’s good or bad depend on how you use it. Please don’t make me look bad because of this.

Sorry, but I think I need to stop this. Hope you’ll understand. And please do not email me asking for the extension file, I won’t provide it.

Thanks everyone for using this extension.



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