How To Fix Apple Music Eating iPhone Cellular Data

Apple Music is a delight for iPhone, iPad users. With Apple Music you can stream millions of songs, Beats 1’s live streaming radio and more eats your iPhone cellular data, if you are on limited data plan.

If you are concerned about your iPhone Cellular Data. Learn how to fix Apple Music is eating iPhone Cellular Data.

Apple Music cellular data

How To Fix Apple Music Eating iPhone Cellular Data

1. Download Music instead of Streaming

If you are not on unlimited data plans, it is better to download music to listen offline instead of streaming music.

How to add a song to listen offline

Launch the Music app from your Home screen of your iPhone, iPad

Go to the song which you want to download.

Tap the More button of the music which you want to listen offline.

Tap on Make Available Offline.

Apple Music

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2. Download over Wi-Fi

Don’t download music over cellular data, to download music always use Wi-Fi to save your mobile data.

Tap Settings on your iPhone.

Tap iTunes & App Store.

Turn off Use Cellular Data.

3. Disable Automatic Downloads

Your cellular data may be consumed without you being aware of it, if you have purchased music via iTunes or any other device. Save your iPhone data by disabling automatic downloads.

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Go to the iTunes & App Stores by tapping.

Go to “Automatic Downloads” under “Apple ID”.

Toggle the “Music off”.

By following the above mentioned steps you will be able to Fix Apple Music Eating iPhone Cellular Data.

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