How To Backup Chat Messages In WhatsApp


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services used by millions of people worldwide every day. People use WhatsApp  for messaging, chatting, file sharing and calling to friends, family and colleagues. Imagine a situation where you have accidentally deleted WhatsApp chat messages. To avert such a situation WhatsApp automatically backups your chat messages including media files every day.

You also take a manual backup of your Whatsapp chat messages if you are facing issues in automatic backup of chat messages. Here’s how to  backup chat messages in WhatsApp manually. We will be going through three methods to take a manual backup of chat messages in WhatsApp which includes backup of chat messages via Google Drive.

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How to Backup Chat Messages in WhatsApp 

Method 1

Launch the Whatsapp.

Tap the Menu key.

Go to ‘Settings’.

Tap “Backup Chats”.


Method 2

Taking a backup using  a free app from Google Play named as Backup Text for Whats. Once you download and install the app-


Launch “Whats”

Next, Press the “Menu” button

Click “Settings”

Click “Chat preferences”

Click “Chat history backup”.

Method 3

Using Google Drive to backup WhatsApp chat mesages

Launch WhatsApp.

Go to Menu Button >> Settings >> Chats and calls >> Chat backup.

Tap on “Backup to Google Drive” and set up the backup frequency as per your choice.

Select a “Google Account” to which you want to backup chat history.

Tap on “Back up over to” choose the network you wish to use for backup. Taking a backup will require a data connection.

By following the above mentioned methods you will be able to backup Chat Messages in WhatsApp! If you don’t like WhatsApp calling feature, disable WhatsApp calls.


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