Benefits Of Using Social Media Advertising For Your Business


Social media advertising has come a long way, as per reports social media advertising has earned $8.3 billion in 2015 and is expected that in the year 2016 the revenue earned can go up to $9.7 billion. In today’s world social media advertising offers several opportunities and benefits to business owners.

Many business organizations are now allocating more advertising budget for social media advertising, social media advertising has many benefits as compared to the traditional form of advertising.

social media advertising in business

Advertising on social media enables business owners to create brand visibility, get traffic and track advertising campaign.

Benefits Of Using Social Media Advertising For Your Business

1. Lower Cost

You can advertise your business in social media at a relatively low cost as compared to traditional advertising on television, radio or print media.

Most of the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook,  YouTube are free to are free to use, you will have to just work to make your social media presence to engage with your customers and increase sales. Use of traditional advertising will require you to hire professionals which can be expensive.

The cost of an advertising campaign on Facebook or Twitter if compared to offline advertising is inexpensive.

2.  Viral

The reach of social media is global, you can make your advertising content go viral by sharing on Facebook or Twitter easily. Just imagine, if you have 500 friends on Facebook and if each of your friends likes the ad and share it with their other friends on Facebook, how much exposure your campaign is going to get!

3. Can Impact Search Engine Rankings

To get a better search engine ranking for a particular keyword you will have to optimize your website using proper title tags along with meta description and write awesome content. However, if you have a strong social media presence then Google, Bing, and other search engines can use social media signal to rank your website higher for a particular keyword.

4. Increased Interaction With The Customers

One of the most important benefits of using Social media in business is to provide business owners chance to interact with customers in an easy way. You can interact with your customers, reply to their concerns, ask opinions to enhance customer satisfaction.

Companies who are using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers directly have found that customers who get a fast reply on Twitter or Facebook are likely to recommend the brand to others.

5. Increased Inbound Traffic

When you are sharing content on social media you are giving users to click-through your site and hence increasing inbound traffic. If you are not sharing content on social media your inbound traffic is limited to customers who are either acquainted with your brand or are searching for keywords you rank for.

The content you share on social media will lead to more inbound traffic and hence more leads and conversions.

6. Get Instant Feedback

Social media advertising for your business gives you instant feedback on your product from the customers. If you are launching a new product you can conduct a survey or poll in social media to know what customers are thinking about your product. You can use those valuable suggestions from customers to plan your business strategies.

Social media advertising will have a great impact on business when done correctly. Online business programs from Point Park University offers students on the latest business topics which also includes social media advertising.






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